Firstly, seal the crack. If the crack is 5-10mm. width, useCrocodile Feather Patch. If the crack is larger than 10mm. , apply Crocodile Acrylic Patch and leave to dry for 1 day. Then apply 2 layers Flex-Shield. Apply first layer horizontally and leave to dry for 1 hr. Then apply the second layer vertically and leave to dry for 2-3 days.
Flex-Shield is toxic-free, hence there is no need to submerge the pond to clean before putting the fish.

Answer: Epoxy seal is used to glue new tile in submerged area.

Application instruction

  • Mix Epoxy Seal Part A and B together
  • Apply mixed Epoxy on the back of the tile. Place the tile and apply pressure for a while until the tile set. If applied on floor  put  weight over the tile.
Crocodile Skimcoat 101 is polymer paste should be mixed with cement or gypsum.  Applying with brush is not recommended. Skimcoat 101 should be applied by flat trowel  to prevent any crack. After the substance dries,  use sand paper to smoothen the surface.
The appropriate thickness is no more than 10mm. Applying more creates bigger gap beneath the tile, hence weakening the bonding strength.

Use the water stop to tape around the leakage point and pour concrete over. Once dried, apply the surface with flex-shield.

  • Clean the metal bracing. Remove any dust or concrete residue from the surface.
  • Apply Crocodile Acrylic Bondcrete all over the surface .
  • Apply the mixture of Crocodile Acrylic Patch (The ratio is 4 liters of water : 1 pack (20kg) of  Crocodile Acrylic Patch
  • Use immediately after mixing

Preparing the existing surface

  • Remove the paint as much as possible by applying paint remover agent and scrubbing off. Clean the surface remove all residues .
  • Fill and fix the crack on surface.
  • Splash water on the surface with brush.

Mixing ratio and usage amount 

  • Color Cement 1 : Water 1
  • Mix the substance using electrical drill mixer

Applying Procedure

  • Apply mixed Color Cement on the surface. Leave 2-3 hours to dry
  • Mix new batch for apply the second layer
  • Leave to dry for 24 hour. Keep away from water drop to prevent white stain

Use Crocodile Cement Remover. The non-acidic substance will react only to the stain. One bottle can be used for 4sq.m.

Applying Procedure

  • Ensuring that the stain or mark is completely dried.
  • Apply the substance on the surface directly. Use water to dilute if the stain is thin.
  • Leave the substance to react for 4-5 minutes
  • Wash the surface with water. Use sponge or brush to help scrubbing off.

Preparing the surface

The applied surface must be cleaned from dust, oil stain or cement powder. All crack must be sealed first. Before applying Flex-Shield, soak the surface without covering with water.

Mixing ratio and usage amount

  • By volume 1 water: 2.5 Flex-Shield
  • Double layers of 1 sqm. require 1-1.5kg.

Applying procedure

  • Applying 2 layers. Apply first layer horizontally and leave to dry for 1 hr. Then apply the second layer vertically and leave to dry for 2-3 days.
  • If preparing for submerging-purposed surface, leave to dry for 7-14 days