Kalgraphin Premium
Hyrated Lime Mixture for Historical Restorationd

Kalgraphin Premium
Hyrated Lime Mixture for Historical Restorationd

• Component for preparation of mortar for buildings,
rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings.
• Free of VOCs and formaldehyde emissions.
• Unique formula based on high quality lime. It eliminates
CO2 improving air quality and eco-friendly.
• Excellent flexibility and adhesion with graphene technology.
Able to conceal hair cracks.
• Lime base helps highly breathable on surface. Avoids
• Suitable for interiors and exteriors.
• Can be mixed with color, the color is smooth, natural look.
Not reflect light, beautiful and eyes comfort.

Pack size : 4.5 kg
Kalgraphin Premium is a component of lime paste with graphene technology for preparation of mortars for buildings, rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings.
Application Instructions

Substrate Preparation
The substrate must be dry, firm, well adhered, free of any
impurity and must have a grip to ensure the adhesion of
the product.

Product preparation
• Pour off the water from Kalgraphin Premium pack and
keep it to remix the content. Use the remaining contents
of the Kalgraphin Premium.
• Mix the contents of Mortar with the remaining contents
of the Kalgraphin Premium depending on the desired
• Re-add the water from the Kalgraphin Premium pack
never more than 1 L
• Mix with mechanical mixer until its total homogenization
and adequate consistency. Leave 20-30 minutes.
• Re stir 1 minute more before applying.

Application method
Please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheets according
to the type of mortar to be prepared: MortarBase Premium,
MortarFine Premium, MortarSuper Premium or Naturglue

Environmental conditions
The work temperature (environment and support) must be
greater than +5ºC and +32ºC. Do not apply in direct
sunlight or on supports heated by the sun.

Additional Information
• Do not drench the substrate before application, only lightly
moisten if very dry.
• Careful not to add too much water into the mix.
• Do not wet new mortar in order to harden it; it hardens by
absorbing atmospheric CO2.
• Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water.
• In case of rain, let the substrate dry before applying.
• It is recommended to protect the treated surface from rain
for at least 4 days.

• None in particular for normal use and people who do not have
special pathologies.
• Alkaline product, protect skin and eyes especially.
• Apply with good ventilation, do not inhale product.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Keep in original pack. It should be kept in a dry place and
avoid direct sun exposure. Unopened, it may be conserved
for at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.
After mixing keep the remaining mortar by water casting 1 inches
high and seal in a bucket to avoid hardening. (check it
every 3 months)