JORAKAY Philosophy
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JORAKAY Philosophy

" นวัตกรรมก่อสร้างความสุขเพื่อคุณ และครอบครัว
Innovation for Your Family’s Happiness "

Jorakay Corporation Company Limited (Formerly know as Cera C-Cure Company Limited) which was found in 1992 under 100% Thai shareholders. They have operated by the philosophy of “Family”. We then choose “Crocodile” (or Jorakay in Thai) as a logo and brand to communicate our sense of responsibility and caring for family which is a key trait of crocodile. Furthermore, crocodile is known to live a long life amidst ever changing environment. This philosophy reflects that every products under Jorakay brand is of high quality and lasting throughout house lifecycle. We aim to deliver happiness to each family. We start the Company with the mission that customers will get the best. So every second we determine to develop new things to improve customers’ lives under the concept “Innovation for Your Family’s Happiness”. Jorakay’s products are then different than other manufacturers as we have pioneered many innovation for all product segments, particularly, tile adhesive and tile grout. So we establish new standards for market as well as lead market as number one in sale . Finally we can distribute all Jorakay products through our networks of over 4,000 building material sellers in domestic as well as international market.


Jorakay - Creating construction innovation and service at international level to produce best customer experience and sustainable happiness for society.


Committing actively to product and service quality development in creative ways on the ground of social and environmental protection, generating a corporate strength and growth in sustainable ways, and valuing staff, clients, business partners directly and indirectly.