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Crocodile tiling innovation has earned trusts as number one seller of cement grouts and grouting products for tiling and surface material installing. We are still pursuing new innovations to answers to newer needs in design and decoration. Crocodile is the only manufacturer that offers full lines of tiling tools and related decorating materials.

Crocodile Flex Shield

Flexible Waterproofing Cement (1 component)

Product Features

• Highly flexible; optimized for flexible surface
• Can be left exposed. Excellent UV and weathering resistance
• High water pressure resistance (1.5 bar)
• Nontoxic
• Waterproof coat over existing leak tile before installing new tile
• High adhesion strength

• Waterproofing and protection a water retaining structures, such as drinking water tanks, reservoirs, water mains and swimming pools.
• Tile fixing and waterproofing of bathrooms, kitchens and other wet room in hotels, hospitals, offices, and residential buildings, also suitable for exterior applications.
• Waterproofing of terraces and balconies under the pavement.
• Internal and external waterproofing and protection of new and old buildings, facades against dampness, rain.
• Waterproofing of below-grade structures like basements, retaining walls, foundations, tunnels, galleries. subjected to both positive or negative high water pressure.

Standard : EN 14891, EN1348

Color : Grey, White, Green, Blue, Black


Net weight : 20 kg/bag, 4 kg/bucket, 1 kg/bucket

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X-Treme Crocodile Tile Adhesive

Extremely innovative adhesive for big slab

  • Perfect for extra large tile, marble and natural stone.
  • Possible to apply on various substrades including ceramic tile, structural plywood and fiber cement
  • Extra bonding. Vibration resistance.
  • Comply with highest standard of both USA and European certify.

USA Standard : ANSI A 118.1, A 118.4, A 118.11, A 118.15
European Standard : EN 12004 C2S2E
Net Weight : 20 kg
Color : Grey

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Stuki Premium

Decorative Putty Colors Create a Polished Ivory Pattern, Marble style

Product Features

  • Create a polished marble-like wall render.
  • No smell of volatile substances (Zero VOCs) and without carcinogens (Formaldehyde). Safe for health.
  • Manufactured from natural materials, lime base helps improve the thermal regulation of buildings.
  • With the properties of the lime base, it reduces the factors that cause global warming by eliminating CO2 during the drying time.
  • No pungent smell or disturbing odor while working. Fast setting, ready to move in 24 hours after application. Suitable for new and renovated buildings.
  • Good adhesion to the surface with high flexibility. Well, conceal small cracks with the innovative technology of graphene.
  • Breathable, reduce color peeling and bulging.
  • No primer is required because of an alkaline property that bonds well with the cement surface. (*In cases of dusty surfaces, mold, water stains, or uneven absorption, it is advisable to use a primer to prepare the surface before applying the topcoat).
  • High density to conceal the surface well, no need to apply repeatedly. Save time and budget.
  • Prevents mold and algae.
  • 15 Years protection warranty

Color shade : 28 shades

Certificates : Cradle to Cradle Gold, Global GreenTag, GreenTag Health Platinum, Sensitive Choice, French VOC A+

The product can contribute to earning points in green building standards such as LEED, WELL, and TREES.

Pack size : 15 L, 3.75 L, 0.75L

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Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch

Floor Smoothening Cement

Product features

  • For surface smoothening application on 1-2 mm thickness without crack.
  • Excellence bonding to cement substrate.
  • High abrasive resistant. Suitable for use as top coat or overlay on heavy traffic area.
  • Can use on slope area

Color : Grey powder
Packing :

20 kg/bag

 5 kg/bag

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Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar

Floor re-surfacing mortar

Product features

  • For smoothening application on 2-5 mm thickness without crack
  • Easy to use, by using a trowel or floor Squeegee for smoothening the surface
  • High abrasive resistant, can be used as the top layer of the surface without covering material
  • Excellence bonding to cement substrate
  • Suitable for heavy traffic area
  • Can use on slope area

Color : Grey

Packing : Net weight : 20 kg/bag

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2Fix by Jorakay

Ready to use tile Adhesive

  • For installation of ceramic-tile and mosaic.
  • Ready to use, no need mixing.
  • Odorless
  • Excellent adhesion and non-slip. Certified EN D2E.
  • White cement gives brighter look for light tone of mosaic.
  • High flexible property. Suitable for several substrate.
  • Laying tiles on internal existing wall tiles.
  • Water base, no dust, safe for users.
  • Low volatile organic compounds (Zero VOCs)

Ready to use tile adhesive for installation of ceramic-tile and mosaic on interior walls such as cement based render, gypsum board, fiber-cement and wooden substrate. It is produced from high quality acrylic resin. It is provided excellent adhesion, less flowable and easy to use. Suitable for interior use in dry and intermittently wet area such as bathroom (dry zone), kitchen, utility room and etc. Zero VOCs. There are no chemicals that cause damage on the tiles. EN certification D2E.

Color : White paste


Net Weight : 5 kg/Bucket

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We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovations

for constructing, repairing, and decorating works with US and International Standard which ultimately bring customers’ satisfaction.

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We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovations for constructing,
repairing, and decorating works with US and International Standard which ultimately bring customers’ satisfaction.