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Thai's Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability

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TREES (Thai's Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability) to “Global Sustainability”

Thai's Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability or ‘TREES’ has been developed to Thai Green Building Institute (TGBI) in cooperation with The Engineering Institute of Thailand under HM The King’s Patronage and The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage to alleviate Thailand’s construction and buildings to international standards. This also needs to go in hard with local climate, culture, and context of Thais. Green building assessment focuses towards energy saving and environmental friendly, from the first construction process to the eventual regular use of building users.

TREES’s Green Building Assessment Criteria

  1. Building Management
  2. Site and Landscape
  3. Water Conservation
  4. Energy and Atmosphere
  5. Materials and Resources
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality
  7. Environmental Protection
  8. Green Innovation

“Jorakay” as a leading building material manufacturer of Thailand, has focused on using high quality local resources with manufacturing processes and products of low environmental impacts. This will also result in good indoor environmental quality and free from toxin.