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From “Innovation to build happiness for you and your family” to “Global Sustainability”

“Jorakay” has invented and present innovation that continue improving wellbeing including environmental concern. All “Jorakay” products earn green building standard at international level and can accommodate construction in full system such as wall system or floor system with eco-friendly products for each and every process, particularly on indoor air quality. This is because typical construction materials release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at all time and increase the level of VOCs in atmosphere to the level it can harm residences. But all “Jorakay” products are tested to emit low or no VOCs at all in certain products (Non-VOCs) which help reduces carcinogens. These products choose raw materials with low environmental impacts.

VOCs is short for Volatile Organic Compounds which can be efficiently dispersed at the average temperature and air pressure. VOCs include Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene, Zylene, and Acetaldehyde, for example. An ideal eco-friendly building must have low VOCs level due to appropriate materials selections.

Jorakay creates Jorakay Green Products symbol by its own to match international accreditation in order to create confidences among stakeholders and as a part of residence-friendly building innovations, and environmental sustainability through tiling, repairing, and paint products from Jorakay.

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Materials and Resources
Indoor Environmental
Quality (EQ)
Thai Green Building
Construction Materials and Resources
Indoor Environment
Materials X12 Short-Term
Emission Control
SS : Heat IsIand Reduction (1-2) MR : Material Ingredient Reporting(1) MR : Material Ingredient Optimization(1) EQ : Low-Emitting Materials (1-3) EQ : Indoor Air Quailty Assessment (1-2) MR 5 : Domestic or local materials (1-2) MR 6.1 : Materials with low environmental impact (1-2) IE 2.1 : Using low toxic adhesive, grout, sealant, and primer with within building (1) IE 2.2 : Using low toxic paints and surface materials within building (1) Part 1 Manage Product Emissions: Adheslves, Sealants, Paints and Coatings (1-3) Part 2 Manage Product Content Adhesives, Sealants, Paints and Coatings (1-2)
Tile Adhesive
Green Crocodile Tile Adhesive
Red Crocodile Tile Adhesive
Silver Crocodile Tile Adhesive
Gold Crocodile Tile Adhesive
Express Crocodile Tile Adhesive
X-Treme Crocodile Tile Adhesive
Tile Grout
Crocodile Silver Premium Plus Tile Grout
Crocodile Turbo Plus Tile Grout
Crocodile Flex Shield Cementitious
Crocodile Ecoshield Cementitious
Crocodile Super Shield Cementitious Crystallization
Crocodile Self-Leveling
Wall Rendering
Crocodile Skim Coat Smooth
Crocodile Skim Coat Sanded
Crocodile Skim Coat Smooth Gator
Crocodile Skim Coat Sanded Gator
Crocodile Color Cement
Biosphere Premium
Ecosphere Premium
GrafClean Premium
Stuki Premium