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Jorakay Corporation Company Limited Cookies Usage Policy

This website service is offered by Jorakay Corporation Company Limited, and its affiliate companies under Jorakay Corporation Group (As here all addressed as “Jorakay” or “we”). This website uses cookies and other tools to identify patterns of website usages of its users to achieve best user experience of the website, and allow us to improve website quality. In case you should decide to continue using our website, we presume you allow our cookies to be installed in your computer.

Our cookies will work to help us automatically collect information of your visit of our website as followed:

  • Internet domain and IP address from the browsing location
  • Type of browser software including structure and operation system using to visit the website
  • Time and date of visiting the website
  • Other address(es) leading your visit to our website

Cookies Policy

This section will explain reasons and type of cookies including cookies management of Jorakay Corporation Company Limited’s website. Each website might have different cookies, and you can choose to view list of cookies at cookies setting of each website you use as followed.

1. What is ‘Cookies’

Cookies is a small text file installed or recording in your computer or electronic device when visiting a website. Cookies will record your visit and usage of such website. Additionally, we will address other similar technology of the similar function as ‘cookies’ as well.

2. How do we use cookies?

We will use cookies when you visit our website which can be classified by usage as followed:

• Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookies is necessary for website to work properly and securely, and allow you to visit and use website such as logging in to website or self verification.

So you cannot turn off this type of cookies via our website system.

• Analytic Cookies

This type of cookies will collect your website usage information, so we can measure, assess, improve, and develop our content, products/services, and website for your improved and better web experience in future.

In case you do not allow us to use this cookies, we then cannot measure, assess, and develop our website.

• Functional Cookies

This type of cookies will help us recognize your computer or your electronic device you use for visiting out website with your registered information or log in, website setting or options you made earlier on website like display language, or delivery address, so you can use our website with greater convenience without inputting information every time you visit our website.

In case you do not allow us to use this type of cookies, you might not well conveniently use our website to the fullest potential.

• Targeting Cookies

This type of cookies will collect various type of data including accessing your personal information as well as profiling you, so we can analyze and present products/services and/or tailor advertisements to match your interest.

In case you do not allow us to use this type of cookies, you might obtain irrelevant information and advertisement to your interest.

3. Third-Party Cookies

Our website deploys third-party cookies which its style of usage and settings are similar to cookies mentioned above. You cannot choose to adjust setting on this third-party cookies.

We cannot control the use of information of such third parties. You can still check the list of these third parties, privacy notice, and third-party cookies policy, which can be different than ours at their particular websites.

4. Cookies Management

You can choose to install each type of cookies except Strictly Necessary Cookies by choosing “Cookies Setting” or setting in web browser such as forbidding cookies installation on your device.

In case of denying cookies usage, you might not be able to use our website efficiently.