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  For professional tiling, there are different types of equipment and tools which can help tiling more standard and perfect. Our company has many products that support the standard of tiling.

   1. Crocodile Tile Cutter

  Before tilling, should measure the area and calculate the number of tiles. Tile cutter is an important part for cutting tiles following the actual size that you want to use.

  There are two types of tile cutter including electric tile cutter and manual tile cutter. Tile cutting blade is necessary to emphasize on due to the different type of cutting and different type of benefit of the blade such as smooth tile cutting, rough tile cutting or thick tough tiles cutting.

   2. Crocodile Multi-Drill Guide

It is a tool used with a tile drill bit for supporting the tile drill bits and set a point not to flick or slide while drilling. Makes the work smooth, drilling at the correct point.

   3. Crocodile Tile Spacers

  It is a tool for spacing grouting tiles. The gap between the tiles will have the same space.

  There are 6 sizes of crocodile tile spacers including 1 mm. 1.5 mm. 2 mm. 3 mm. 5 mm. and 10 mm. It is easy to use, just place them at the corner of the tile or plugging into a cross shaped. When finished using, it can be pulled out and bring back to use it again.

   4. Crocodile Grout remover

  It is a tool for repairing the dirt, cracked, peel off and black mold grout. The main function is scraping the old grout. The grout tool come with a handle and blades. The blades made from strong quality materials (tungsten carbide), it is easy and effective to use.

   5. Crocodile Padder Mixer

  It is used for mixing the cement glue. A drill gun is necessary to use to mix the large quantity for saving the time.

  This device will mix cement glue and the water together. Just put it on a general electric drill, it can be used immediately.

   6. Crocodile Notched Trowel

  It is a tool for scuffing tile adhesive for the effective tile installing, it has a square fin to use for scraping the adhesive on floor and back of the tiles. so, a groove in the cement adhesive texture will adhere to the tiles better. Another side is solid square shape for scooping cement to determine the amount of using efficiently.

  Although there are many items of professional tiling tools and a variety of procedures. But each tool is very important. It can help tiling both at the wall or floor as efficiently as possible.