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Green Label for Green Industry – Environment-Friendly

jorakay-corporation-technology Green-System

Green Industry – Environmental-Friendly

Green Industry is the industrial business that truly commits to operate its whole business in environmentally friendly way. This Green Label is granted by Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry focusing on the continuing development and improvement, and on operating businesses with social responsibility both within the organization and outside, throughout the supply chain for a genuine sustainable development.

This mainly focuses on 3 issues featuring

  1. Development and improvement on the efficiency of manufacturing process
  2. Continuing improvement of environmental management
  3. Social and environmental responsibility within and outside the organization (throughout the entire supply chain)

Jorakay Corporation Company Limited is certified with Level 3 Green Label ‘Green System’ with 5 key operating principles featuring (1) creating environmental policy (2) creating environmental plan (3) implementing (4) monitoring and evaluating, and (5) reviewing and maintaining the system.


Green Industry standard is comparable to other similar projects, that is, green label products, CSR-DIW/CSR-DPIM, outstanding industry award on environment/energy, and ISO14001/50001 accreditation.

Level 3 Green System

jorakay-corporation-technology Green-System