Protect the Crocodile Paint

Now it is time for the showing part of the house, which is always paint job. It is widely recognized that apart from design, paintwork is another important and outstanding feature of the house. Now the current color and paint technology is really progressive, not just only simple paints and paintworks, but now paints can help create unique pattern expressing homeowners’ style.

Importantly, Jorakay Corporation Company Limited puts strong emphasis on users, dwellers, and environment. So we have developed our ‘Crocodile Paint’ products which are manufactured from 100% raw materials without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carcinogen. These are environmentally-friendly and certified by many international organizations. They can be categorized into 3 groups as followed.

1. Natural Color Products (Ready to use instant paint)

- Biosphere Premium (Lime-Based) for exteriors and Ecosphere Premium (Lime-Based) for interiors.

Exterior paint is manufactured from 100% natural raw materials, that is, lime (high quality import) with no volatile organic compounds (Non-VOCs) and no formaldehyde. It is safe for health with alkali quality as it is made from limestone, so it binds very well with concrete surface without applying primer. Besides it helps cool down the building.

Coupling with Nobel Prize winning technology like “graphene” which has a strong surface bonding quality and high flexibility, so this can efficiently cover small cracks, and also allow moisture to past through. It helps reduce peeling paint and blistering, extending paint life. The paint is sufficiently thick, thus does not require many layers, saving time and labor cost. It is suitable for painting newly constructed work, as well as renovating work.

Furthermore, this helps reduce global warming as the paint absorbs carbon dioxide during drying period. It dries quickly and makes it possible to use the space within 24 hours. The product earns ‘Jorakay Green Products’ mark as it passed Green Building assessment international standard.

-GrafClean Premium (Acrylic Premium Base) Matte Finish Paint with Smooth Texture for Interior and Exterior Use

This matte-finish, environmental-friendly paint has no smell of VOCs (ultra low VOCs) and carcinogen like formaldehyde, so it is safe for human health. It has an excellent bonding quality to surface with over 980 shades to choose from. It holds Jorakay Green Product mark as it passed International Green Building assessment.

2. Art Color Products – Decorative Pattern Paint

- Stuki Premium (Ready to Use) Decorative Putty Paint with Marble-Look Gloss Finish

The product is a plastering paint that can be used to create marble look or pattern for wall with gloss finish. This is manufactured from 100% natural raw material which is high quality imported limestone, plus graphene technology to bond the paint to be one with plastered wall.

The products are ideal for decorating residential places to make it stylish without no VOCs (non-VOCs) and no carcinogen (formaldehyde). It is safe for health with Jorakay Green Products marks which means it passed International Green Building Standard assessment.

Besides, the paint has a strong surface-bonding quality with high flexibility. It can well cover small cracks with graphene technology. It is breathable paint which allow moisture to past, this reduces paint peeling and blistering, and extend paint life. It is fast dry and allows the area to be used within 24 hours after painting. That makes it suitable for new home as well as for renovating works.

Crocodile Color Cement – Plastering Mortar of Masonry Wall

The product gives natural matte finish as it is manufactured from natural raw materials like cement. It can be applied in various usages such as plastering, spraying, trowelling, or sponging technique to give ‘loft look answering to your imagination.

The product contains no VOCs and no carcinogen (formaldyhyde), so it is safe for health plus contain Microban technology to prevent black mold and algae, to create a lasting beautiful surface. The product has Jorakay Green Products mark which confirms that it passed International Green Building assessment.

3. Texture Color Product – Decorative Paint

Crocodile Color Stucco – Special Color Mortar made from Special Grade Cement
This hybrid color mortar can turn the smooth plain surface to be more dimensional and pattern. This is manufactured from hybrid cement materials, making it sturdy, heat and UV resistant, more flexible, and better bonding to surface. It can cover generally cracked wall and prevent water permeation by adding hydrophobic agent. Besides it contains Microban technology to prevent black mold and algae to lasting beautiful look.

All of these are Crocodile color products which we truly believe that they can answer to all diverse users’ demands. If health and environment is a prime concern, paints from Crocodiles are a true answer as they contain no strong smell, no VOCs, no toxin and vapor, and no carcinogen (formaldehyde). It is perfectly safe for users and dwellers. Besides, it has a lasting lifecycle, and is fast setting, so the area can be used within 24 hours. So they are paints with new thinking for a truly better quality of life.

Furthermore, apart from top quality paint product to protect and enhance your house, another equally important factors to extend paint lifecycle to last is chemical products to protect paintworks. Jorakay Corporation would like to suggest these chemical product for paintwork protection and coating as followed.

Protect Paintworks Together With Coatings

Crocodile Nano Glossy (Stain Protecting Glossy Coating) for interior wall

When dry, the product will be transparent as it forms a strong and smooth film on surface protecting from stain, and can also endure cleaning.

Crocodile Nano Protect (Stain and Algae Preventive Coating) for interior and exterior

The product can penetrate to seal pores of surfaces, making a lasting protection against mold stain, algae, and other kinds of stains without discoloration of the materials.

Crocodile GColor Beeswax Premium (Paint Protecting Coating Wax)

The product is for protecting plastered surface, or surface plastered with Stuki Premium. This helps reduce water and stain absorption, as well as color pigment deterioration.

Crocodile A100 (Waterproof Clear Coating)

The product helps surface constantly glossy, and repel water. The product is ready to use, no solvent is required.. It is suitable for showing brick wall, loft wall, and other natural rock wall. This coating will reduce ‘paint breathability’ of the coated paintwork.

Crocodile M-Kill (Black Mold and Algae Preventive Coating before Painting) for Interior and Exterior)

The product is for removing mold and algae. It also help reduce moisture in concrete surface, and chances of white stain on the paintwork later.

Crocodile 9601 W (Semi-Glossy Finish Coating) for Exterior/ Interior/ Wall

The product is for enhancing color shade as it can permeate into pores of surface material. It then helps prevent deep stains and make cleaning easy. It is suitable for cement materials and natural rocks. *Highly recommended to use along with color cement.

Crocodile 9102 W (Matte Finish Coating) for Exterior/Interior/Wall/Floor

The product is for increasing wear resistance and scratch resistance. It also helps prevent water and moisture permeate into surface, make it easier to clear. It is suitable for cement materials and natural rocks. *Highly recommended to use along with color cement.

Crocodile 9602 S (Glossy Finish Coating) for Exterior/Interior/Floor

The product is a silicone coating to prevent staining for flooring. This will help prevent deep stains and scratch, and water and oil not to permeate to the surface, reducing stains from water, oil, soda, coffee, sauce, etc. It is suitable for surfaces with low water absorption level such as concrete, plastered cement, and natural rocks.

Protect the Crocodile Paint

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