Understanding Loft Style and How to Make Your Bedroom One

On average, people spend time in their bedroom of about 7 hours a day, and so we spend hours in this room with some of us getting bored of the same style every day and would like to redecorate it.  With the trend of Loft-Style bedroom that we usually see when we visit the newly built condominium and apartment, since it is the most exciting type of room at this hour, thus, some of us would really like to transform our old bedrooms.  But before we do anything to it, it is better to understand what loft style really is.

Characteristics of Loft

There are various loft styles starting from the house structure, spaces, stairs, storages, lightings, and etc. But what Loft really is to show the true layer of the materials being used in decoration.  For example, the bricks on the wall without any paint job done, raw concrete, true metal staircase left with rust on the surfaces, and the storages that are made from wooden boxes.

In the same hand, Loft style can be defined by the use of industrial and construction materials without covering them up with paints, cements, or in other words, Loft Style gives us “Raw Feeling” and they are being conveyed to excitement and calm at the same time.  Loft style has been inspired by the old-fashioned industrial factory since from the past.

Material being used for Loft Industrial style bedroom

There aren’t no specific rules of how you’d decorate the loft style bedroom and there’re no such rules to build up a raw feeling for your bedroom.  However, most people use bricks and bare mortar that would show the structure of the beam on the ceiling or walls.  Instead of making this look raw, the right combination of these materials gives us calm and cool feeling.  Not only the look, but the maintenance of this loft style bedroom can be very easy as well.


Room Structure

The structure of the loft style relies heavily on opening the spaces.  Think about what’s not loft?  You room will be bombarded with cement sheets covering up from walls to ceiling and that makes the room smaller.  With Loft style, rooms will be larger since they’re all naked. 

Lighting on loft perspective

When loft has based from the true industrial style, factory needs lights, and that means a lot of lights in operation in the assembly line.  The more free light from the sun would definitely save the electricity cost and so the same thing with lighting on loft bedroom.  Most lofted bedroom would try to get as much sunlight into the room as possible, however, it doesn’t have to be too much.  With a good designer, they would underline the best part of the room by using those light

Furniture in loft

First rule is, they don’t use permanent furniture in loft style and most of them are equipped with wheels to move around freely.  Those decorating furniture for loft would usually be made of woods and metal.

Spiral staircase is a loft trademark

If you see this staircase anywhere in your friend’s place, it is definitely a loft style.

3 colors for loft: white, black, and gray

Even though there are fifty shades of gray, only 3 shades will only be included in loft.  Those 3 colors are being used in the industrial factory, most white are seen on the walkway and ceiling, black is on the structure, and gray can be anywhere from furniture to wall.


Understanding Loft Style and How to Make Your Bedroom One

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