Protect the Door and Window

Protect the Door and Window

The most common damage problem of house is around frames of doors, windows, glass panel rim, and walls which has voids, gaps, crack or cavity. Those damage might not be vital but surely stress concerned homeowners. Without repairing, these damages will easily lead to leakage, and paint peelings. Therefore, these products are highly recommended for repairing works, protecting house from cracking and leaking problems from door and window frames as followed.

1. Sealant and Adhesive Products for Wood

- Crocodile Acrylic Seal Plus (Sealant for baseboard and built-in furniture)
The product is high quality ready-to-use acrylic sealant for sealing baseboard gaps, window and door frames withstanding moisture and water.
- Crocodile Acrylic Sealant Gator (Multipurposed sealant with strong adhesive strength and low price)
The product is multipurposed ready-to-use acrylic sealant for baseboard and, window and door frames, quick dry and paintable.

2. Sealant and Adhesive Product for Glass and Aluminum


- Crocodile Silicone Seal (Sealant for Glass, Aluminum, and Dust-free area)
The product is high quality quick-dry one component silicone sealant for glass and aluminum that can handle movement in dust-free area. It also withstands UV light, vibration, and moisture well. The product does not drip, so it can be applied in vertical and overhead works.
- Crocodile Silicone N (Neutral Silicone Sealant for Glass, Aluminum, Steel, and Zinc)
The product is a silicone with consistent and strong texture for sealing, not easily tearing, for water and air tightness. It is suitable for glass, aluminum, steel, and zinc with no strong smell during drying period. It also contains no acid, so does not change color of the texture. No dripping, so it can be safely use for vertical and overhead works.
- Crocodile Silicone N Plus (Multipurpose Silicone Sealant with Fungicide for Moist Area)
The product is for sealing for water and air tightness, bonding tightly to materials like mirror, glass, aluminum, suitable for moist area such as bathroom safety glass partition. The product contains fungicide.

3. Sealants and Adhesive Products for Concrete

- Crocodile Poly-U Seal (Sealant for Concrete surface with movement)
The product is a ready-to-use polyurethane sealant with high flexibility >650% for sealing and covering structure joints, preventing cracking and leaking on pre-fabricated concrete slabs and masonry wall. This can be painted over without primer.

4. Filling Product for Various Surfaces

- Crocodile PU Foam (Sealing and Filling Cavity and Void)
The product is a ready-to-use expanding foam for filling cavity, void, connecting gap or crack for construction. It has heat and acoustic insultation quality, adheres well to various surfaces, can be cut and shaped easily, as well as plastered and painted over.

5. Crocodile Adhesive Nail Product

- Crocodile Adhesive Quick (Fast and Strong Water-based Nail Adhesive)
This product has very high adhesive strength and can replace nail in affixing any firm materials and porous materials like wood, cement, concrete, fiber cement, natural rocks, ornamental rock, vinyl, brink, concrete block, etc.
- Crocodile Adhesive Nail (Solvent Formula Adhesive Product for Various Surfaces)
The product can be use to replace nails with high adhesive power, and dry faster than water formula. When properly dry, it can take on 180 kg/sq.m. on various material surfaces such as baseboard, cornice, synthetic wood, stone, ornamental stone, vinyl, concrete, concrete block, fiber cement board, plastwood, MDF, uPVC, other plastic, metal, glass, mirror, foam, etc.

6. Crocodile Solutions

- Epoxy Remover (Removing Epoxy)
The product is used to clean up all epoxy stain and leftover after sealing work.
All cracks and leaks around window and door frames and other places will be solved. We can all protect our home from all these problems by choosing the right sealants and adhesive products from Crocodile, it will certainly repair all cracks and leaks.

Protect the Door and Window

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