Protect the Swimming Pool

Protect the Swimming Pool

Now swimming pool becomes popular. Most houses decide to have swimming pools to enhance atmosphere, make it more beautiful, unique, with more relaxing areas. But building swimming pool requires knowledge. Homeowner needs to choose a contractor with knowledge and skills, and right chemicals to prevent potential crack and leakage problem later.

There are several steps in building swimming pool that need strong focus, from preparing structure and surface which are strong enough, reducing water permeation, and setting waterproof system to accommodate various forms of swimming pool structure. Furthermore, it will require special tile adhesive and sealant for tiling which can withstand water pressure, chemicals, various pH value rage, including pool cleaning product at the final stage of building. Mr. Crocodile would like to suggest the process of building of swimming pools and relevant products as followed

Swimming Pool Essential Products

1. Joint Waterproof Product

- Crocodile Expanding Waterstop (Water Activated Expanding Rubber)

This product is for waterproofing seams from concrete formworks, preventing water to leak through seams by expanding in concrete when contacting with water. The product can withstand more than 8 bar hydrostatic pressure.

2. Waterproof Concrete Admixture


- Crocodile Admix Proof (Concrete Admixture for Less Water Permeation

The product is for mixing with concrete before pouring in order to waterproof and reduce bubbles in concrete mixture. It will increase concrete density, and reduce pores and voids that allow water to permeate.

3. Plaster Cement for Swimming Pool

- Crocodile Durabase (Plaster Cement for Swimming Pool)

The product is for plastering specifically swimming pool to reduce water permeation to less than regular plaster cement. This will also help fortify swimming structure.

4. Crocodile Waterproof Product


- Crocodile Flex Shield (Single-component Flexible Waterproof Cement Mortar)

The product is for waterproofing swimming pool with high adhesive strength, withstanding over 1.5 bar of water pressure. It is non-toxic, paintable, and can be tiled over.

5. Crocodile Tile Adhesives for Swimming Pool

- Red Crocodile Tile Adhesive (High Quality Tile Adhesive with Extra Bonding)

The product offers high adhesive power, can be well used for swimming pool tiling. It is suitable for all types of tiling including large, regular, and low water absorption tile along with marble and granite slabs.

Silver Crocodile Tile Adhesive (High Quality Tile Adhesive for Tiling over Tile)

The product allows tiling new tiles over the existing old tile surface without removing (interior work) with strong bonding strength for tiling in large area indoor and outdoor without soaking tiles first, and installing marble or granite slabs without clips.

- Gold Crocodile Tile Adhesive (Top Quality Tile Adhesive from USA for Various Surface)

The product is for tiling over old floor or wall tiles, on various surfaces both indoor and outdoor. It offers high adhesive power, good flexibility, and durable to all weather.

6. Crocodile Sealant for Swimming Pool


- Crocodile Platinum Grout (Grout for Swimming Pool, Spa, and Sauna)

This grout product can withstand compressive and water pressures, high temperature and chemicals with strong adhesive strength. It is suitable for swimming pool, and joint width of 2 – 15 millimeter. So it can be applied for swimming pool, spa, sauna, or any area required high durability.

- Crocodile Epoxy Plus Grout and Tile Adhesive (Top Quality Grout and Tile Adhesive)

This grout product can be used as tile adhesive and grout with its high bonding strength, strong surface, scratch-resistant, suitable for areas that needs durability, and extra cleanliness. It can be used on 2 – 6 mm joint (wall) and 2 – 12 mm (floor) and contains Microban substance to prevent black mold, algae, and bacteria, to develop.

7. Tiling Tools and Stain Removers

- Crocodile Stair Nose Plus Microban

The product is for preventing slipping at stairs, soft to feet. Super Hygiene Microban technology helps stop black mold, bacteria, and algae.

- Crocodile Tile Trim Plus Microban

The product is for covering tile edges and corners as it is flexible, shock-absorbing, durable, and lasting. Microban Technology helps prevent black mold and bacteria.


Finally, before finalizing swimming pool building process, all stains from cement, adhesive, sealant, and others must be removed to show the beautiful swimming pool tiles. Mr. Crocodile would like to introduce stain remover products


- Crocodile Cement Remover (Cement Stain Remover)

The product is for removing stains of cement and sealant on tiles without scraping.

- Crocodile Epoxy Remover (Epoxy Stain Remover)

The product is for removing stains of epoxy sealant after application.


Additional Product Suggestions

- Crocodile Epoxy Seal (Adhesive for wet surface or underwater repairing work)

The epoxy product is for epoxy injection for anchoring, and bonding various materials. It can set even in water, so it is suitable for fixing small tile and grout debonding without draining the pool.

- Crocodile Anti-Slip Quick (Anti-slip for wet tile)

The product is for solving  slippery tile surface when wet. It can use in any surface by glass-coated tile. It fixes slippery problem in 5 minutes

- Crocodile Anti-Slip (Anti-slip for wet surface)

The product can be applied on the tile surface that is slippery when wet, creating friction and reducing accident.

- Crocodile Anti-Slip Spray (Anti-slip Spray)

The product can be used on the area that needs to be anti-slip with strong bonding quality to various materials such as timber, steel, concrete, fiberglass, metal, and other materials, indoor and outdoor.

Protect the Swimming Pool

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