Protect the Tiling

Protect the Tiling

Tiling is a task that needs skillful works to eventually get a well ordered, beautiful, and durable final tile work. Particularly bathroom tiling must prevent leak in every step and details. Now there are many products facilitating bathroom tiling work to be easier, more durable, and safer from dirt and germs, with no tile debonding and leak. Mr. Crocodile would like to recommend chemical products and tools for tiling from Crocodile as followed.

Group 1 – Concrete Admixture


- Crocodile Admix Proof (Concrete Admixture Reducing Water Permeation)

The product is used by mixing with concrete mixture before pouring to reduce bubbles in concrete, and condition concrete to be denser, reducing uneven and inconsistent pores.

Group 2  Waterproofing Chemical Products

- Crocodile Flex Shield (One-Component Flexible Waterproofing Mortar)

The product is for waterproofing before tiling swimming pool and rooftop deck with waterproofing quality, so it can be left bare. It is non-toxic, and easy to use, just add water.


- Crocodile Ecoshield (One-Component Waterproofing Coating)

The product is for waterproofing concrete before tiling The product has no strong smell and is non-toxic, so it is suitable for general waterproofing, bathroom, wall, and floor.


- Crocodile Flex 2k (Two-Component Waterproof Cement)

The product is suitable for waterproofing concrete and general cement, before tiling. It can take up hydrostatic pressure without leaking.

Group 3  - Crocodile Tile Adhesive



- Yellow Crocodile Tile Adhesive (Valued Good Quality Tile Adhesive)

The product is for installing Granito tiles indoor and outdoor as well as ceramic tiles of all sizes on all interior floor and wall without soaking tiles before.

- Light Blue Crocodile Tile Adhesive (US Standard Tile Adhesive for General Tiling)

The product is for general interior ceramic tiling without soaking tiles before installing.

- Green Crocodile Tile Adhesive (US Standard Tile Adhesive – No.1 Selling for Professional in Thailand)

The product is for general ceramic tiling and low water absorption tiling, for both interior wall and floor without soaking tiles before tiling.

- Red Crocodile Tile Adhesive (Tile Adhesive with Extra Bonding Strength)

The product has high adhesive bond, and suitable for swimming pool tiling and big-sized tile, regular tiles, low water absorption tile, marble, and granite.

- Silver Crocodile Tile Adhesive (High Quality Tile Adhesive for Tiling over Tile)

The product allows tiling over the old tiles without removing (interior). It has super strong bonding strength for big area tiling indoor and outdoor without soaking tiles. It is also suitable for marble and granite installation without using fixing clips.

- Gold Crocodile Tile Adhesive (Top Performance Tile Adhesive for Tiling on Various Surfaces)

The product is for tiling over old existing tiles both floor and wall. It also works on many various surfaces interior and exterior use with strong bonding strength, high flexibility, and weatherproof quality.

Group 4   Sealants


- Crocodile Silver Premium Plus (First Grout with Microban Technology to Stop Black Mold)

The product is of high adhesive strength with no peeling or shrinkage, non-toxic for users. It is for grouting in 1 – 7 mm groove, interior and exterior, and the area that needs special cleanliness. It is available in 35 shades.

- Crocodile Platinum Tile Grout (Tile Grout for Swimming Pool, Spa, and Sauna)

The product can withstand compressive pressure, hydrostatic pressure, high temperature, and chemicals, and is suitable for 2 – 15 mm groove. It is suitable for swimming pool, spa, sauna, or area with high durability.

- Crocodile Epoxy Plus (Best Quality Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive)

The product can be used as tile adhesive as well as tile grout with its high adhesive strength, durable and scratch-resistant surface. It is suitable for areas that needs durability and extra cleanliness. As a grout, the wall groove can be 2 – 6 mm. and 2 – 12 mm for wall. It also contains Microban substance to help prevent black mold, algae, and bacteria.

Group 5   Tile Tools


In order to complete tiling works for its degree, level of floor and wall, tile angles, and tiling final check to assure the completion and neatness of tiling, these tiling tools and instruments play important roles in assuring completion and neatness of tiling.

- Crocodile Stair Nose Plus Microban

The product helps provide anti-slip quality on stair steps, gentle to feet plus Super Hygiene Microban technology preventing black mold, bacteria, and algae.

- Crocodile Tile Trim Plus Microban

The product is for trimming tile edges as it is flexible and shock absorbing, and steady, with Microban Technology to prevent black mold and bacteria.

- Crocodile Stainless Steel Notched Trowel (Stainless Notched Trowel for Tiling)

The product is for tiling correctly, reducing work time with better quality tiling, and reducing cost. It is usable for floor and wall tiles.

- Crocodile Rubber Face Trowel (For Grouting Floor and Wall)

The product is manufactured from top quality materials which can push grout to groove in full, giving smooth finish, and suitable for all grouts on all types of tiles.

Group 6   Crocodile Solutions



- Crocodile Cement Remover

The product is used to remove and clean stains of cement and grout on tile surface without scraping.

- Crocodile Anti Slip Quick (Anti-Slip Spray for Wet Tile)

The product can be used on tiles that get slippery when wet. It works instantly on all kinds of tiles except glass-coated tiles. Stop slippery problem within 5 minutes.

- Crocodile Anti Slip Compound (Anti-Slip Compound)

The product is for application on the targeted tiles with slippery problem to create friction in order to reduce slippery and potential accident.

- Crocodile Anti-Slip Spray (Anti-Slip Spray)

The product is to be applied on any surface required to be anti-slip. It can adhere to various surface materials such as wood, steel, concrete, fiberglass, metal, and other. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.

In conclusion, for neat and durable tiling without debonding and leaking, the recommended products include Crocodile Admix Proof for denser concrete, Crocodile Ecoshield, Crocodile Tile Adhesive, Crocodile Tile Grout, Crocodile Cement Remover, Crocodile Anti-Slip Product, Crocodile Tile Cutter, Crocodile Tile Decorative Products, Crocodile Stair Nose Plus Microban, and Crocodile Tile Trim Plus Microban.

Protect the Tiling

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