Jorakay GColor BeeWax Premium

Natural beeswax

  • Manufactured from natural wax
  • No smell of volatile substances (NON VOCs) and without carcinogens (Formaldehyde). Safe for health
  • Reduce water absorption and prevent stains
  • Keep the moisture absorption properties of the surface
  • Help reduce color deterioration from fading.
  • Increase the shine and the intensity of the color

Color : White
Packing : Pack size 4 L / 0.75 L



GColor Beewax is a natural beeswax for the protection of lime-based stuccos. It prevents the absorption of water and contaminants, thus not significantly altering the substrate's permeability to gases and water vapors. Also, prevents the depigmentation of intense colors.

How to use

Application Instructions

Substrate Preparation
The substrate must be dry, firm, well-adhered and free from any impurities that may hinder the product from setting fully.

Application method
Apply 1 or 2 coats depending on the absorption of the support and application inside or outside. Extend the product properly. After 30-60 min of the application, polish with wool mop. If the mop is impregnated with wax, wait for more time to polish.

24 hours at 25ºC and 60% relative humidity: 24 hours between coats and 24 hours for total drying.

Sponge, trowel or glove with short hair.

Tool cleaning
Clean tools after use with warm water.

Approximately 30-40 square meters per liter (1 layer) depending on type and condition of the surface. Should test with the actual area to find the correct usage rate

Additional Information

  • Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water. It is not a waterproofing system.
  • In case of rain, let the substrate dry for at least 24 hours before applying.
  • It is recommended to protect the treated surface from rain and atmospheric humidity for 4 days.
  • To carry out decorative glazing and / or colocation of self-adhesive templates or other types of masking; dry for a week.
  • Should there be strict aesthetic requirements, it is recommended to perform prior tests.
  • The parts that are not going to be treated must be protected (glass, wood, etc.).
  • Do not mix with other products or specific properties may change.


  • None in particular for normal use and people who do not have special pathologies.
  • Alkaline product, protect skin and eyes especially.
  • Apply with good ventilation, do not inhale product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Keep in original pack. It should be kept in a dry place and avoid too cold temperature or direct sunlight exposure. Unopened, it may be conserved for at least 36 months from the date of manufacture.