Stuki Premium

Decorative Putty Colors Create a Polished Ivory Pattern, Marble style

Product Features

  • Create a polished marble-like wall render.
  • No smell of volatile substances (Zero VOCs) and without carcinogens (Formaldehyde). Safe for health.
  • Manufactured from natural materials, lime base helps improve the thermal regulation of buildings.
  • With the properties of the lime base, it reduces the factors that cause global warming by eliminating CO2 during the drying time.
  • No pungent smell or disturbing odor while working. Fast setting, ready to move in 24 hours after application. Suitable for new and renovated buildings.
  • Good adhesion to the surface with high flexibility. Well, conceal small cracks with the innovative technology of graphene.
  • Breathable, reduce color peeling and bulging.
  • No primer is required because of an alkaline property that bonds well with the cement surface. (*In cases of dusty surfaces, mold, water stains, or uneven absorption, it is advisable to use a primer to prepare the surface before applying the topcoat).
  • High density to conceal the surface well, no need to apply repeatedly. Save time and budget.
  • Prevents mold and algae.
  • 15 Years protection warranty

Color shade : 28 shades

Certificates : Cradle to Cradle Gold, Global GreenTag, GreenTag Health Platinum, Sensitive Choice, French VOC A+

The product can contribute to earning points in green building standards such as LEED, WELL, and TREES.

Pack size : 15 L, 3.75 L, 0.75L

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Stuki Premium decorative plaster, creating a pattern of polished marble-like render. Made from a natural lime base and combined with graphene technology. Resulting in perfect bonding with the wall plaster, used for unique decorating surfaces. Suitable for wall decoration or renovation and helps to improve surrounding air quality. Vent the moisture and protect the surface.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • Clean the surface thoroughly, removing any dirt, dust, oil, stain, or counterfeit materials, and ensure that the surface is dry, solid, and provides good adhesion.
  • For areas with mold or water stains, clean with a mold and mildew remover, such as Crocodile M-Kill, and allow the surface to dry for 1-2 days.
  • For surfaces with low adhesion properties, such as those with sand or dust, clean them by sweeping and using an old lime primer.
  • If there are cracks or unevenness on the surface, it is recommended to repair the cracks or apply surface preparation before painting.
  • If applying over existing paint, remove the deteriorated paint film completely, clean the surface, and use an old lime primer before painting.

Product Preparation

Ready to use, no need for mixing.

Application Method

  • Apply 2 coats. Use a trowel to apply the 1st coat on a smooth surface. Leave 30 minutes to dry. Then smoothen it with sandpaper. Apply 2nd coat and leave for 30 minutes. For a polished effect, use a special trowel or electronic polisher. In case of not using all at once, keep the remaining product by water casting 1 inch high and seal in a bucket to avoid hardening. (check it every 3 months).


  • In conditions of 25ºC and 60% relative humidity: approximately 30 minutes between layers. 24 hours for final protection. The carbonation process mainly occurs during the first 30 days.


  • 4-5 m2/l (2 coats). It depends on the type and condition of the substrate. The actual coverage rate will be obtained from the average value of the actual work performed.


  • Stucco trowel, Japanese finishing trowels, electric polisher (optional)

Tool Cleaning

  • Clean tools after use with warm water.

Additional Information

  • The mineral substrate must be at least 28 days old.
  • The substrates to be painted must be resistant to high alkalinity.
  • Do not apply the product on surfaces immersed in water or areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms or swimming pools.
  • In case of rain, wait for the surface to dry before applying the paint.
  • Avoid cleaning or scrubbing the surface after painting. After application, protect it from water for at least 4 days.


  • It is recommended to wear safety equipment, such as gloves, dust masks, and safety glasses.
  • In the event of eye contact, rinse your eyes with clean water several times immediately and seek medical advice promptly.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Store in tightly sealed packaging in a dry place, away from cold air, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight in the storage area.
  • The shelf life of the product, if not opened for use, can be kept for at least 1 year from the production date. The product may solidify if left unused for an extended period; it is recommended to use a paint mixer before application.
  • If not entirely used, water can be added to the paint can for surface pouring. Add water up to 1 inch high to prevent the paint from hardening, and reuse the product (check the water level every 3 months).