Fresh Concrete Primer

Alkali Resisting Primer – Water-based (White Color)

Product Features

  • Excellent alkali resistance and anti-efflorescence, reducing color fading.
  • Can be used for both interior and exterior.
  • Reduce the high absorbency of the substrate and enhance the adhesion of the topcoat.
  • Excellent adhesion to the surfaces, ensuring a strong bond and high washability, allowing for cleaning up to 15,000 times, making it ideal for long-lasting surfaces.
  • The white film matt texture assists in surface coverage, making the process of rolling the film easier and finishing the job quickly.
  • This product offers a low odor, and low VOCs, making it safe for users and environmentally friendly.
  • Prevents mold and algae.


Pack size : 15 L, 3.75 L

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Fresh Concrete Primer is a primer for new masonry, fiber cement, or new concrete surfaces. It is made from a special acrylic binder and can provide high alkali resistance with anti-fungus properties and prevent paint film from efflorescence and fading. It has less odor, low VOCs, and can be applied for both interior and exterior.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • After applying the plaster, it is advisable to let the wall thoroughly dry for at least 30 days. The surface should be strong, dry, and free from any oil, dust, or other contaminants."
  • If the substrate has mold and mildew, the surface needs to be cleaned by brush or high-pressure water jet and let the substrate dry before applying Crocodile M-Kill over the surface and leave it dry before applying SEE Jorakay Fresh Concrete Primer.
  • If any crack on the wall with a width of less than 0.3 mm, cover the gap with Crocodile Wall Putty. But apply Crocodile Acrylic Seal Plus if the crack width is higher than 0.3 mm. and sand to get a smooth surface before applying Fresh Concrete Primer.


Dilute with water at a ratio of 5-10%.

  • Apply the product evenly on the surface using a brush, roller, or spray machine for 1 round.
  • Allow the paint to dry for 3 hours before applying a topcoat paint.

Estimated Coverage:

  • 10 sq. m./liter (depending on surface porosity, profile, and application method.)

* Theoretical coverage may differ from actual usage, not exceeding 20%.


  • Fresh Concrete Primer should be used under appropriate conditions.
  • Recommended for use on substrates with pH <13 and humidity <10%.
  • The product should not be used on wet surfaces and high humidity.
  • Apply with good ventilation. Do not inhale the product.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Apply only on appropriate conditions and do not apply on wet or high-humidity surfaces.
  • Use under well-ventilated conditions.
  • Do not breathe or inhale the mist. Avoid skin contact. The spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with a suitable cleanser, soap, and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.

Handling & Storage

  • Store products in a dry, good air ventilated, and cool place under shade.
  • Shelf life is more than 1 year if stored in good condition without opening.