Jorakay Reduces Dust for Fresh Air

JORAKAY Reduce Dust for Fresh Air
26 Jul 2023

          “Jorakay”, eco-friendly construction chemicals, help reduce dust emission to atmosphere as a part of the attempt to develop economy in BCG Model.

          “Jorakay” determines to develop manufacturing processes to attain maximum resource efficiency and to control air pollution by effective dust filtration. The ability to filter cement particles out and 100% reuse it all in manufacturing helps increase productivity and reduces raw material loss according to the principle of Bioeconomy, and Circular Economy. The dust reduction has a positive impact to the environment and improves staff’s working environment and wellbeing of surrounding communities by the principle of Green Economy, thus consistent with a sustainable BCG model.

          “Jorakay” wishes to be a part of the creation of a good economy and environment for our better and sustainable world.

Jorakay Reduces Dust for Fresh Air

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