The JORAKAY JUNIOR BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 at Court 2, Songkhla Province


          The curtain has closed on the JORAKAY JUNIOR BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 at Court 2 in Songkhla Province. This tournament, held as a consecutive annual CSR activity for the 9th year by Jorakay Corporation Co.,Ltd, took place from October 28th to 31st, 2023, at the Sports and Health Center of Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla Province. The competition is certified and accumulates points at level 5 by the Badminton Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage.

          ”Jorakay” aims to contribute to creating a livable and sustainable community, aligning with global development principles. The competition was elevated to promote environmental awareness by using recycled materials effectively. Notably, the lanyards were made from plastic bottle fibers (600 ml, 50 bottles per lanyard), and commemorative items such as recycled fabric pillows and blankets were crafted from plastic bottle fibers (1500 ml, 27 bottles each). These products were meticulously processed and designed to be both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, emphasizing the importance of recycling.

          The awards ceremony was honored by Mr. Chaisit Chunchuvit, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Administration, and President of the JORAKAY CSR Team at Jorakay Corporation Co.,Ltd. He presented awards to the youth who emerged victorious in the competition. This support for the JORAKAY JUNIOR BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 is aimed at motivating athletes, clubs, and parents who collaborate to promote and support young badminton players. The goal is to help these young athletes, who have a passion for badminton, develop and contribute to the long-term success of Thai badminton in the future.

          The tournament atmosphere was filled with smiles and joy. The champions in each category for this regional court have finally been determined. We look forward to meeting everyone again at the final competition at court 3, Future Arena, Pathum Thani Province, to continue cheering for all the young participants.





The JORAKAY JUNIOR BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 at Court 2, Songkhla Province

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