Crocodile Fiber Mesh 8x8

Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh

Product Features
• The woven Fiber-Glass with finer threads, allows waterproofing agents to seep through easily without hardening up.

• The mesh is easy to install, does not crease or wrinkle, and can be used with both flooring and walls.

• The mesh can withstand over 450 N / 50 mm.of tensile force from both directions.

• The wide gaps between threads allow reinforcing materials to seep through to other layers.



1.0 meters wide x 100 meters long (2 roll/box), for floor/wall or large area.

1.0 meters wide x 10 meters long (16 rolls/box), for small area.

20 centimeters wide x 10 meters (48 rolls/box), for corner or joint.

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Crocodile Fiber Mesh 8x8 is a high-quality fiberglass mesh manufactured with fiberglass threads coated with waterproof polymers and is used to enhance tensile strength in waterproofing systems, prevent tears that may result from movement along the joints of a structure, and improve resistance to friction on the surface of a waterproofing product. It has a slot of 8x8yarns per square inch (or 3x3 mm. per yarn), which is suitable for polymer waterproofing applications such as acrylic, polyurethane, and waterproof. It has good malleability, so the edges are folded into corners easily.

Application Areas

• Reinforcing corners, edges, or areas prone to cracks along with flexible waterproofing products such as Crocodile Flex Shield, Crocodile Flex 2K, or Crocodile Roof Shield.

• Enhancing strength and resistance to abrasion on the surface such as during the application of Crocodile Roof Shield on a roof.

• Reinforcing corners, edges, or areas prone to cracks or upon repairing cracks on a concrete surface with mortar.

• Reinforcing joints between two different materials to reduce potential cracks.

• Reinforcing joints between gypsum boards and fiber cement boards, in tandem with other sealants such as gypsum or a thin coat of finishing polymer.

Application Instruction

Application Method

Scissors or cutter can be used to desired size. Apply the waterproofing material to the surface first and place the stretched fiber mesh sheet on the material. While still wet (do not fold or crease). In case of overlapping to 5-10 cm. Apply at least 2 layers of waterproofing material to the fiber mesh topcoat and let dry according to the method of waterproofing material


Should be applied on the surface while the waterproof is still liquid and thick enough to cover thickness of fibers. In case of overlapping sheets, it is recommended to lay 5-10 cm on top of the joints.


It should be kept indoors with plastic bag at room temperature and avoid exposure to sun or rain