Crocodile 9301 SQ Guard

Penetrate Waterproof Coating for Structural Work

Product Features

  • Deep penetration to the concrete
  • Contain no solvent, fully environmental-friendly
  • Low VOCs
  • High alkali resistance
  • Highly reduce water and chloride absorption of concrete
  • Still allow air to be absorbed through concrete with this coating
  • Increase concrete freeze-thaw stability from applying salt solution to defrost ices on concrete surface
  • Extend concrete life cycle
  • Can be painted over

Net weight : 
100 liters/, 20 liters/bucket

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Crocodile 9301 SQ Guard contains a combination of octyltriethoxysilanes isomer and iso-octyltriethoxysilane. This is ideal to use as a penetrate primer for concrete and a reinforced concrete, protecting structures from water and humidity.


  • Civil work concrete such as concrete barrier, traffic infrastructure like highway, road, bridge, concrete column, foundation, and dam.
  • Concrete building structure
  • Cement fiber board

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • For new concrete, it must be at least 28 days matured before application, so it will not affect the maturing process of the concrete. The surface must be cleaned off from dirt and stain before application.
  • For old concrete, the surface should be cleaned with high pressure water washer or high pressure 60c water and left to dry at least 2 days before applying Crocodile 9301 SQ Guard.
  • In case of concrete crack, cracks must be filled before application.
  • In case of old concrete, overall condition must be inspected before application.
  • Deep penetrating coating might alter concrete color of the surface. Small area application before full application is recommended.


Apply the coating with thin nap roller like a lambskin roller or with a spray gun on low pressure twice for best penetration to concrete. The second application must be done before the first application is fully dry for the best result and protection, even a cracked concrete surface. There must be no bubble on the surface during spraying. The working area and its parameters should be covered to prevent rainfall.

Application Rate

Approximately 200-250 ml/sq.m. twice, depending on also concrete density.


  • Do not apply the coating while the concrete is moist. For best efficiency, the concrete moisture should be no more than 4%.
  • Do not use this product with asphalt. In case of applying for this on insultation material, there must be additional test that this product does not compromise insulation for the rage of working temperature.


  • Flammable, must be kept away from spark, flame, and any source of ignition
  • Keep in sealed container after use, and do not smoke in the area of application
  • PPE is highly recommended when applying.
  • Keep out of children’s reach


  • Store in a well-ventilated area
  • Well stored unopen product will last at least 1 year.
  • Product passing best before date should be tested before using.