Crocodile Nano Protect

Water based, silane siloxane coating

  • Water based, silane siloxane coating
  • Reduces water absorption and dirt stains
  • No harmful chemicals or unpleasant odor
  • Does not affect the color of the substrate
  • Inhibits mildew and algae growth

Color : White
Coverage : 1 Liter / 4-8 Sq m
Package : 1 Liter, 3.75 Liters, 20 Liters



Crocodile Nano Protect is water based on Silane Siloxane water repellant with the ability to penetrate deeply into surfaces. Nano Protect works well with porous tile, natural stone, concrete, masonry, plaster, and skin coating. Crocodile Nano Protect reduces water absorption and inhibits mildew and algae growth, as well as smudges.

How to use

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

Clean the surface to be coated, removing any dust, dirt, or other surface contaminants.New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days.


Crocodile Nano Protect should be applied to the surface with a brush or sponge. The brush or sponge should not be over saturated (squeeze out excess liquid to create an even coat). In the case that the material being coated has a high absorption rate, a second coat may be required and the first coat should be allowed to dry for at least 10 minutes before applying the second coat. Allow Crocodile Nano Protect dry for at least 3 hrs. All tools should be cleaned with water.


  • 1 liter per 4 – 8 m2, it depends on the porosity of the tile or stone being coated.


  • Test on a small area to see the change in color of the surface before applying.
  • The surface is very tight, low water absorption, such as porcelain tile. Or a surface with Crocodile Nano Protect may not see the difference of the results. Because you can not penetrate into the pores of the surface.
  • The liquid material is waterproof “Water Repellent” substances reduces water absorption. No waterproofing when under water pressure.

• May be harmful to the eyes, skin, or lungs. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye/face protection
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
• After contact with skin, wash immediately with water
• Keep out of reach of children

Keep in a cool, dry area (moisture and heat may degrade the product). Use within 1 year from the date of manufacturing.