Crocodile Nano Protect Plus

Coating Product with Impregnation System Reduce Water Absorption

Product Features

  • Reduce water absorption to avoid risk of fungi and algae on concrete surface, raw concrete, brick, lightweight concrete block including other silica-based or sand-based natural materials.
  • Concentrated formula for longer lasting protection
  • Impregnate and be absorbed into material leaving no coated films on the surface
  • Do not alter color and texture of materials
  • Do not block moisture evaporation from material
  • Has no strong scent, not poisonous vapor and VOCs, highly safe for user
  • East to clean application tool, just water to wash

Product Characteristic

White opaque liquid

Net weight
: 20 liters/pail, 5 liters/gallon

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Crocodile Nano Protect Plus is water-based Silane Siloxane for concrete surface, raw concrete, brick, lightweight concrete block, concrete block, sand wash finish concrete, exposed aggregate finish concrete, and other natural silica-based materials. The product is water repellent, reducing water absorption causing fungi and algae. It also helps reduce staining from water. The product can be absorbed to the materials without creating a film on the surface, thus not blocking moisture evaporation, and not making color or texture change.

Suitable Surface

Concrete, plaster cement, polished cement, brick, concrete block, granite, slate, exposed aggregate finish, terrazzo finish, other silica-based or sand-based materials (it is highly recommended to test the product on a small surface area before actual full implementation).

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • The surface must be strong and solid, not dusty, not cracked, not disintegrated. Dry and clean. No paint, coated film, varnish, or stain left.
  • In case of surface with fungi or algae, clean off by brush, or high-water pressure sprayer, and then applied with antifungal and left dry before applying.
  • For new concrete, it must be left to dry at least 28 days before applying.
  • The surface moisture should not exceed 4% for best penetration effect and lasting effect.
  • In case of rain, the surface must be left to dry with minimum moisture before applying the product.


  • Apply Crocodile Nano Protect Plus with brush, roller, or sprayer without mixing with water or other solvent. Apply twice throughout the required surface. Apply the first and second layer accordingly (wet on wet) to ensure the coating covers all surface.

*** If the first layer is dry, it will prevent the second layer to absorb well.

  • Leave the coated surface to dry for at least 3 hours.
  • Protect the coated surface from water for another 24 hours.
  • Water absorption test method should be done at least for 24 hours.

Estimated Coverage

4-8 sq.m./liter, depending on type and porosity of the surface. The actual value can only be calculated from the actual work.

Recommended Equipment

Paint brunch, roller, and spray gun

Equipment Cleaning

Use water to clean equipment after using.


  • The product might separate into layers, it might need mixing or shaking to mix well before applying.
  • The product needs to be tested in a small surface area to inspect changes in color and texture of the surface before actual usage.
  • Crocodile Nano Protect Plus is a water repellant not waterproofing product. Therefore, it is not for surface with water pressure such as pool, or in ground pool, or water tank.
  • Crocodile Nano Protect Plus is suitable for wall work or any material in vertical alignment.
  • Crocodile Nano Protect Plus is not suitable for traffic and waterlogged areas.
  • Material, density, and porosity of the surface will affect absorption efficiency of Crocodile Nano Protect Plus.
  • For new concrete, it should be left to fully dry for at least 28 days.
  • The surface moisture should not exceed 4%
  • In case of rain, the surface must be left to dry before applying Crocodile Nano Protect Plus.
  • Apply the first layer of coating and immediately apply the second later without waiting for the first layer to dry (wet on wet) to make sure the product covers all the surface. If the first layer is dry, the second layer or application will be not able to penetrate effectively to the surface.
  • After application, the surface needs to be protected from water for at least 24 hours more, to prevent the product being washed away, and allow it to penetrate and completely interact with the surface.
  • Crocodile Nano Protect Plus must be cured to reach its best performance after 14 days.


  • Use safety equipment like goggle, glove, safety masks, etc. during application
  • Should apply in a well ventilation area. Not inhaling the vapor.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • Keep in a cool dry area with the temperature range of 0-35°C
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.