Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar

Floor re-surfacing mortar

Product features

  • For smoothening application on 2-5 mm thickness without crack
  • Easy to use, by using a trowel or floor Squeegee for smoothening the surface
  • High abrasive resistant, can be used as the top layer of the surface without covering material
  • Excellence bonding to cement substrate
  • Suitable for heavy traffic area
  • Can use on slope area

Color : Grey

Packing : Net weight : 20 kg/bag

Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar Special polymer modified cement mortar for smoothening floor surface application. For application on 2-5 mm thickness without crack. Use for repairing any surface defects in concrete to be smooth. Excellent bonding to cement substrate. High abrasive resistant. Suitable for use as top coat or overlay on heavy traffic area such as repairing concrete road surfaces, warehouse, carpark, multipurpose yard, and etc.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation
For Old Concrete

  • In case of concrete crack, cracks must be filled before application.
  • In case of surface with fungi or algae, clean off by brush, or high-water pressure sprayer, and then applied with antifungal and left dry before applying.
  • If the substrate present non absorption, it is recommended to polish by buffing machine with roughness sheet for better absorption of surface.
  • The surface must be strong and solid, not dusty, not cracked, not disintegrated. Dry and clean. No paint, coated film, varnish, or stain left.

For New Concrete

  • The surface must be at least 28 days matured before application, so it will not affect the maturing process of the concrete.
  • The substrate must be cleaned. Free from loose particles. Dirt, dust, any oils, other impurities, or foreign materials must be removed.

Mixing Ratio

Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar with 28% water

Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar 1 bag (20 kg) per water 5.6 liters

Mixing Method

Mix Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar with water. Stir with slow speed electric mixer (>500 rpm) around 1-2 minutes.

Application Method

  • Pour the Crocodile Floor Patching Mortar on the surface by pouring in a long line along the area to be repaired.
  • Using a floor Squeegee to apply 2-5 mm thickness/time.
  • Wait for the first layer to dry for approximately 1 hour and then apply the second layer.
  • Can use polished trowel for smoothening surface.
  • Applied area could be walked after 24 hours, with light traffic (small car) after 48 hours and with heavy traffic (truck) after 72 hours.

Estimated Coverage

Approximately 1.5-2 kg / m2 / mm. It depends on the type and condition of the substrate. The exact consumption must be determined by means of a sampling of the work.

Tool Cleaning

Clean tools after use with water.


  • To avoid the pinhole, should cool down the temperature by moist substrate with clean water.
  • The special additive is contained to maintain the hydration in the product. The substrate should be moist but not wet. Too much water on substrate may cause the blistering or defect.
  • To appropriate thickness, recommend apply product by Squeegee.
  • To avoid the trowel mark does not recommend the Gauge Rake to apply the product.
  • Not apply over the joint to avoid crack.


  • Recommend using rubber gloves, dust masks, eye glass and personal safety equipment.
  • Apply with good ventilation. Do not inhale product.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
  • Keep away from children.


  • It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product’s degradation.
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.


Net weight : 20 kg/bag