Crocodile Acrylic Sealant Gator

Ready to use latex-base sealant

Product Features

  • Flexible
  • Crack sealing on concrete or masonry wall
  • Paintable


Joints in the building between wooden or metal window frames and concrete or brickwork. Joints between stairs and walls, between concrete and ceiling elements, between wall and ceiling, skirting boards or windowsills.

Color : White

Net weight : 450 grams

Crocodile Acrylic Sealant Gator is a one-component, ready to use latex-base sealant, with good adhesion performance on various kinds of substrates. The product is almost odor free and is not corrosive towards metals. It can be painted after curing.

Application Instruction

  1. Ensure all surfaces that will be in contact with the sealant must be clean, dry, and free of dust, dirt, rust, oil and other contaminants.
  2. Cut off tip nozzle and cartridge. Screw on nozzle to cartridge.
  3. Fit into caulking gun; apply on surface in steady flow.
  4. If required, smooth and shape sealant with spatula dipped in mild detergent.
  5. Remove excess uncured sealant with a wet cloth. Fully cured excess sealant can be removed by trimming with a sharp knife.

Estimated Coverage

Cartridge per 3 m length, 1 cm width and 1 cm depth


  • Among others not recommended for continuous water emersion and not for PE, PP, Teflon and Bituminous surfaces.
  • Not recommend for outdoor application.


  • Use within 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Store in dry and cool place below 300 °C