Crocodile Acrylic Patch

Structure Repairing Mortar

  • Can repair structures with a thickness of 13-50 mm.
  • Good adhesion, high bending strength and tensile strength.
  • High compressive strength> 360 ksc.
  • Can be used to repair overhead.
  • Fast drying, good performance and enable space fast.
  • Prevent scratches and freezing point well.

Standard : ASTM C109, ASTM C882, ASTM C580, ASTM C307
Color : Grey
Packing :
20 kg/bucket
1 kg/bag

Crocodile Acrylic Patch It is a ready-mixed product polymer modified contains of acrylic , polymer , cement portland , silica plasticizers, water reducing agents and other additives used for fixing. For structural concrete or decorative concrete surfaces with high quality, provides high rigidity, excellent bending strength , tensile strength and low absorption that suitable for repairing cracks of concrete and various parts of structures requiring thicknesses from 13-50 mm such as concrete walls, columns, stairs, concrete, etc.

Substrate Preparation

  • Rough the surface by extracting or polishing to increase adhesion efficiency.
  • Concrete surfaces must be strong and clean. Free from dirt dust and other foreign matter.
  • Concrete should be moistened with water. Leave for at least 4 hours and absorb excess water remaining on the work surface before use.

Proportion of Mixing
Crocodile Acrylic Patch 1 kg. : water 0.2 liters or Crocodile Acrylic Patch 4.5-5 parts : water 1 part (by volume)


  • Use a clean mixing tank. Measure out the water and slowly pour Crocodile Acrylic Patch down by the specified ratio, turn on the electric mixer (1-3 minutes).
  • In case of pouring more than 5 cm thickness, recommend to mix 5 kg of gravel (size 1/8-3/8 inches) per Crocodile Acrylic Patch 20 kg.
  • In case of small amounts of use , should be mixed by using trowel and do not work for more than 15 minutes must be used immediately after mixing.


  1. Using a trowel and filling to repair the work surface, do not use water to apply the surface. Wait until it begins to form. Therefore use the trowel as needed.
  2. If you want to pour a layer, scrape the skin rough and leave for 1 day, then use water to moisten. In order to coordinate well before pouring the next layer.

Estimated Coverage
20 kg / 1.8 sq.m (thickness approx. 6 mm)
20 kg / 0.011 m3


  • Should not be used with thickness less than 13 mm.
  • Should not use the product to fix the surface of Asphist or Concrete with modified lacquer (Latex Modified Concrete).
  • The product should not be used as a connector of any kind.
  • Should not be mixed in other products.
  • Should not use mixed water to make it liquid while in use and do not use water to beautify the skin.
  • Operating at temperatures below 4°C or above 35°C Should follow the instructions.


  • Cement may cause injury to skin or eyes. Use of rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • If contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and then contact doctor immediately.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product’s degradation.
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.