Crocodile HS Grout

High Early Strength Hydraulic Grout

Product Features

  • Develop strength up to 40 MPa within 8 hours.
  • High flowable, do not need vibrate.
  • No water-bleeding
  • No shrinkage-no cracking


  • Grouting rail (Plinth) of high-speed train
  • Grouting heavy-duty machine
  • Grouting precast concrete column
  • Base plate and bolt anchorage
  • Bridge support
  • Voids

Standard : GB/T50448, TB/T2331, TB/T3320

Color : Gray   


Net weight : 25 kg

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Crocodile HS Grout can reach strength up to 40 MPa within 8 hours, and more than 60 MPa in 28 days. It has high flowable and self-compacting can be filled all void without vibrating. No water-bleeding, no shrinkage. It is designed for grouting of heavy-duty equipment, Crane rail grooves in ports and docks, Rail clips grouting, railway sleeper, Base plate, Bolt fixing, etc.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • Ensure, the substrate must be strong and firm.
  • Substrate must be cleaned by water. Free from oil, grease or any loosely adherent material.
  • Wet the substrate several hours prior to grouting, the area of cleaned foundation must be flooded with fresh water. Immediately before grouting takes place, any free water should be removed.
  • Base plate and bolt must be clean and free from oil, grease scale or paint. Air pressure relief holes should be provided to allow venting of any isolated high spots.
  • The formwork should be constructed to be leakproof. This can be achieved between joints by using sealant.

Mixing Ratio

Water : Crocodile HS Grout = 13%

Water 3.25 Liters : Crocodile HS Grout 1 bag (25 kgs)


  • Use clean water or drinking water with the amount as the above recommendation.
  • Prepare 90% water of total required quantity into mixer. Turn on the mixer and slowly pour Crocodile HS Grout. Stir for 2 minutes.
  • Add 10% of retention water and mix for 30 seconds. It is recommended to use a mechanical stirrer with speeds between 500-1,000 rpm.
  • Coarse aggregate (if needed) should be cleaned, before adding to mix.
  • Do not add other additives.
  • Should be used within 30 minutes. Do not add more water to the mixed material paste.

Application Method

  • The area of the cleaned foundation must be wet with water until saturated.
  • Using the mixed Crocodile HS Grout within 30 minutes to gain full benefit of the expansion process. Maximum thickness must be not over 50 millimeter in a single layer. Coarse aggregate (size 3/8 inch or 9-10 millimeter) can be added up to 30% by weight (7-8 kg aggregate per 25 kg grout) when formwork depth more than 50 millimeter.
  • Wet or moist the casting places after set for 3-7 days.
  • Protect the area from vibration, heat, and temperature shock during the first 24 hours.

Estimate Coverage

  • Crocodile HS grout 1 bag (25 kg) / 0.014 cubic meter
  • Crocodile HS grout 72 bag (25 kg) / 1.00 cubic meter

Tool Cleaning

  • Cleaning tool by water


  • High environmental temperature might shorten bucket life and open time of products. Using cool water to prevent this case.
  • Do not add more water. Excess water will affect the mechanical properties such as the decreasing of compressive strength and flexural strength. But the shrinkage will increase.
  • Ensure the substrate mute be strong and firm.
  • Minimum thickness of Crocodile HS Grout must be more than 10 millimeters per layer.
  • Wet curing Immediately after completion of work. Allow curing 3-7 days.
  • Crocodile HS Grout is a moisture sensitive product. Moisture will degrade the product’s shelf life.


  • Recommend using rubber gloves, dust masks, eye glass and personal safety equipment.
  • Apply with good ventilation. Do not inhale product.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.
  • Keep away from children.


  • Keep in a cool, dry area, storage temperature should be 0 - 35oC.
  • Place with prevent direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life for 6 months since manufactured date.