Crocodile Repair Mortar

Structure Repair Mortar for General Work

  • Easy to use, just thoroughly mix with water
  • Suitable for 3-40 mm in thickness of repair work (or in higher thickness when mix with dust stone or multiple layers plastering)
  • High compressive load bearing
  • Excellent adhesive performance, suitable for both level and overhead areas


  • Chipped areas such as wall corner, stair nosing, crack on concrete or plastering wall
  • Honeycomb from concrete pouring work
  • Corrosion in reinforced concrete column and beam • Slab underside defect
  • Mix with high water content to cover reinforcement steel to prevent carbonation reaction
  • Road surface with light traffic
  • Preparing floor and wall joints before applying waterproofing product

Standard : ASTM C109, ASTM C348, ASTM C882
Color : Grey
Packaging :
20 kg/bag
5 kg/bucket

Crocodile Repair Mortar Crocodile non-shrink mortar, consists of modified polymer and special admixtures, is designed for high compressive strength bearing. Suitable for surface repairing work both in damaged structural and plastering areas. The product can also be used for deep defect from 3-40 mm, both level and overhead areas

Substrate Preparation

  • Clean the surface thoroughly, removing dirt, oil, paint, and concrete fragments
  • In case that applying surface is in a spalling condition, old surface must be removed for a solid layer before repairing work
  • For an area with damaged reinforcement steel, cleaning the steel and applying rust protection product then covering with Crocodile Repair Mortar with bonding agent to prevent further corrosion and improve adhesive performance during plastering
  • Applying water to the surface until saturated

Mixing ratio
Crocodile Repair Mortar 5 kg per 0.95-1 liter of water by weight or Crocodile Repair Mortar 3.5 parts per 1 part of water by volume


  • Mix Crocodile Repair Mortar with water at recommended mixing ratio. Mix until the mixture become thick and homogenous. For large batch mixing, spatula and motorized paddle mixer, at low speed, is required
  • For application over 40 mm in thickness, dust stone (1/8-3/8 inch gravel) is recommended at 10 kg per 1 bag of Crocodile Repair Mortar (20 kg) by adding dust stone after mixing Crocodile Repair Mortar with water, thoroughly mix until the mixture become homogenous. It is not recommended to add any water afterwards and finish the application within 20-30 minutes


  • Putty plastering with trowel to fill the void on damaged surface by applying 1 – 2 layers of plastering with 2-2.5 hours gap for each layer
  • In case that plastering mixture become swollen, use wood trowel to stir or let the surface dry before further plastering
  • For chipped corner fixing, use 2 trowels to shape both sides to prevent mixture overflow to the other side
  • If the mixture tends to flow in vertical during the plastering, reduce the water ratio until it fits with repairing surface and temperature

The mixture normally absorbing water and cure itself naturally. In case of high temperature or strong wind at job site, Crocodile Admix Cure is recommended to preserve internal moisture

Usage ratio
Crocodile Repair Mortar 1 bag (20 kg) per 0.011 m3


  • The product contains Portland cement and other admixture which may cause skin irritation. Using rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended
  • If in contact with eyes or face, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water, and then consult doctor immediately
  • Keep away from children


  • The product should be kept in shaded area with appropriate ventilation
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.