Crocodile Skim Coat 102

Ready to use skim coat

  • Great for indoor and outdoor
  • High compressive and bond strength
  • Excellent trowel ability on application
  • Perfectly white smooth finished, thickness 0.2 – 5 mm.
  • Ready to use and easy application.
  • Can be used coat over primer and paint.
  • Possible to be exposed or painted (with or without primer)
  • Good weather resistance
  • Paint mixing machine can be used for color coating.

Color: White

Estimated Coverage : 0.5-1.5 kg / sq m (thickness 1 mm)

Packaging : 5 kg, 20 kg

Crocodile Skim Coat 102 is ready to use white skim smoothing rendering paste. It's ready to use formula for repairing surface defects in concrete or render. A smooth surface is obtained by eliminating blemishes such as grooves, seams, fine cracks and rock pockets. It's applied for interior and exterior walls, on many kinds of substrate.

Substrate Preparation

The substrate must be clean, dust-free and without any traces of oil, laitance, curing compound etc. Over plus, seams and rock pockets exceeding 3 mm. must be treated prior to application.


Apply small quantities of Crocodile skim Coat 102 with a stainless steel float. Wash the blade to the tool regularly in order to remove hardened residues. Never return the product to the bucket. Two separate coats must be applied for successful resurfacing (First layer as a primer to fill up all minor defects). Allow 1 hour between each coat. Pre-covering curing time 24 hour (depending on application thickness, covering material and atmospheric conditions).


Estimated Coverage

0.5-1.5 kg / sq.m / 1 mm thickness



  • Paste may cause injury to skin or eyes. Use of rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • If contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and then contact doctor immediately.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product’s degradation.
  • Use within 1 year from the date of manufacturing.