Crocodile Ultra flex

High Flexible Waterproofing cement - 2K

Product features

  • Easily applied by brush or roller.
  • Excellent elongation and flexibility.
  • Highly elastic film formation which accommodates thermal movements.
  • Can cover with tiling.
  • Powerful water pressure resistance.


Waterproofing and protection building structures such as the joints between walls and floors, terrace, veranda, bathroom, pool movement area and etc. It can cover the small crack and cover with tiling.

Standard : ASTM C121, ASTM D412, ASTM D624,ASTM D2240, ASTM D4541

Color : Grey

Packing : Net weight : 25 kg per set (cement 15 kg resin 10 liters)

Crocodile Ultra Flex is a two-part acrylic polymer modified highly flexible cementitious waterproof membrane. Crocodile Ultra Flex provide excellent adhesion, flexibility, crack bridging ability, and durability. Crocodile Ultra Flex is suitable for many waterproofing applications including for sealing rooftops, balconies, bathrooms, and the joints between walls and floors. It can adhere to practically surface such as concrete, mortar plasters, bricks, concrete blocks pre-fabricated panels, etc.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation Dry or moist substrates must be cleaned, load bearing, fine porous and fairly even. If necessary, roughen surface with appropriate device (e.g. abrasive blasting, brush hammering). Any damage should be repaired in advance. The concrete surface must be damp.

Mixing Ratio Cement 1.5 kg : Acrylic Polymer 1 liter or Cement 1 part : Acrylic Polymer 1 part (by volume)

Mixing instructions

  • Using slow speed mechanical mixer, add slowly the powder to acrylic polymer. Stir till smooth and homogeneous slurry, without any lumps is achieved.
  • Prepare only as much as can be applied within 30 minutes period. Do not add acrylic polymer or water.


  1. Apply with brush or roller when a smooth finish is required. Allow 1st coat to dry completely for 2-4 hours. before applying 2nd coat.
  2. Apply a 2nd coat and allow to dry completely for at least 3 days.
  3. Tile work should be done on surface after 3 days.

Estimated Coverage

2-2.5 kg / sq.m / 2 coats


  • If contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and then contact doctor immediately.
  • Do not left expose
  • Cement may cause injury to skin or eyes. Use of rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product degradation.
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.