Crocodile Rubber Face Trowel

Twin layer rubber face trowel improve the quality of grouting

Rubber face provide grout more smoothly, and black rubber absorb more power of grouting.

  • Easy use for grouting
  • Save time
  • Reduce tile grout peal-off after grouting


Crocodile rubber face trowel design for quality of grouting. The handle produce from high quality plastic, and twin layer of rubber face that improve more quality of grouting. Suitable for grouting various sizes of tile joints.

How to use

Product Instruction
1. Mixing grout and put between tile joints.
2. Use crocodile rubber face trowel to grouting by holding as 45 degree while grouting.
3. Try to grouting above tiles into joints
4. Clean up with damp sponge. Wait 30 minutes and clean up with damp sponge again.
5. Wait until dry, and clean with dry cottons.