Chalawan Tile Trim Plus

Tile Trim (competitive cost)

  • Profesionally decorated tile edge with a competitive cost
  • Made of high quality uPVC
  • UV resistant
  • Long lasting color
  • Extra glossy coat surfaces

Dimensions : 8mm height, 2m length

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Product details 
The edges of the tiles are completed decorated with great material made of uPVC while charging at a competitive price. It has only size 8 mm. height and 2 m. length


  • For decorating the edge of tiles while charging at a competitive price
  • Great material made of uPVC
  • Heat resistant
  • Long life of color with a high glossy coating on the surface

For using with any tiles

  • Put a tile trim in the installing point.
  • Bring a mixed cement paint on the ground area where put the tile trim.
  • The cement will break it up on punching then using rubber face trowel paint the cement on the tile trim completely and move a tile to close with an edges of tile trim.
  • Continue to tiling till the end line of tile trim.

Technical Data
Height 8 mm. length 2 m. available with Mosaic tiles, small size of tiles and the thick tiles have not over 8 mm.


  • Should select the tile trim is available size of tile.
  • Do not bend
  • Do not fire
  • Do not use which is a sharp edge things absorb the product


  • To should lay down the product on horizontal or vertical way to protect the product bend and avoid lay down on the place where get the sunlight.