Crocodile Stair Nose Plus Microban

Stair Noise (prevent black mold)

Safe and soft in every step

  • Lastest innovation for stair nosing with high quality material
  • Soft surface for smoother step
  • Super hygiene with Microban to prevent black mold
  • Compatible with any stair paint

Dimensions : 1.5 m, 2.0 m, 2.4m length, 45mm wide



Innovation for stair nose with high quality materials. New Technology Breakthrough combines both a soft uPVC surface that creates a smooth touch for more safety as well as a hard uPVC for strength adhesion with structure.

How to use


  • Innovation for stair nose with high quality materials
  • Soft structure creates a smooth and safer step
  • Superior protection with Super Hygiene of Microban technology that enable it to inhibit bacteria, black mold and moss
  • Various color shade available to match with your style

For using with any tiles

  • Decorate your stair steps
  • Bring a mixed cement paint on the corner edge of stair is thick completely
  • Set stair nosing in the same level on the place where want to install
  • Continue to tiling in the same level on stair nosing

Technical Data

  • There are 3 sizes
  • length 1.5 m. width 45 mm.
  • length 2 m. width 45 mm.
  • length 2.4 m. width 45 mm.

Stair Nosing has 2 main elements both a soft uPVC and hard uPVC.
Hard uPVC

  • Designed for strength adhesion with structure  

Soft uPVC  

  • Creates a flexible and smooth touch of texture for more safety.


  • Should select the stair nosing is available size of tile.
  • Do not bend
  • Do not fire
  • Do not use which is a sharp edge things absorb the product


  • To should lay down the product on horizontal or vertical way to protect the product bend and avoid lay down on the place where get the sunlight.