Gator Aluminium Tile Trim

Aluminium Tile Trim and Stair Nosing

Stronger… Longer… Newer

  • Curve & Square series
  • Comes with protective film
  • Non-rusting

Dimensions : 
Aluminium Stair Nosing : 4.5mm width, 2.10m length

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GATOR ALUMINIUM STAIR NOSING has special longer 2.10 m. the surface creates a smooth touch for reducing accident from slipping or fall stair and the product also creates more safetyThere is only bright silver color.

For using with any tiles
1.      Decorate your stair steps
2.      Bring a mixed cement paint on the corner edge of stair and make it thick enough in order to paint cement at stair nose. This will increase an adherence.
3.       Set stair nosing in the same level with the place where want to install
4.       Continue to tiling in the same level on stair nosing


  • the surface creates a smooth touch
  • special longer product 2.10 m.
  • easy to install, endure, and does not rust
  • Protective film enables to prevent any scratches


Pull the Protective film off and clean the tile trim surface before installing.


  • Should select the tile trim is available size of tile.
  • Do not bend
  • Do not fire
  • Do not use which is a sharp edge things absorb the product