Biosphere Premium

Natural paint for exteriors.

  • No smell of volatile substances (NON VOCs) and without carcinogens (Formaldehyde). Safe for health.
  • No pungent smell disturbing odor while working. Fast setting, ready to move in 24 hours after applied. Suitable for new and renovated building.
  • Manufactured from natural materials, lime base helps improve the thermal regulation of buildings.
  • With the properties of lime base , it reduces the factors that cause global warming by eliminating CO2 during the drying time.
  • Good adhesion to the surface with high flexibility. Well conceal small cracks with the innovative technology of graphene.
  • Breathable, reduce color peeling and bulging.
  • Weather & UV Resistant
  • No primer required because of an alkaline properties that bond well with the cement surface
  • High density to concealing the surface well, no need to apply repeatedly. Save time and budget.
  • Prevents mold and algae
  • Brighter white giving natural look. Not reflect light, beautiful and eyes comfort.

Certificates : Cradle to Cradle Gold , Global GreenTag, GreenTag Health PLATINUM , Sensitive Choice, French VOC A+, LEED
Color : 120 Colors
Packing : Pack size 15 L / 3.75 L / 0.75 L
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Biosphere Premium is a natural lime based paint for exteriors with a matt finish combined with graphene technology. Suitable for exterior decoration that needs safety and eco-friendly. For new and renovated building. Help improving surrounding air quality. Vent moisture and protect the surface.

How to use

Application Instructions

Substrate preparation
Clean the surface. If the substrate presents algae, mold, fungi and / or other impurities, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning, eliminating in its entirety and with specific products for this purpose. The substrate must be dry, firm, well-adhered and free from any impurities that may hinder the product from setting fully. If the substrate presents pathology such as structural cracks, moisture by capillarity, condensation or filtration, etc.; then it is necessary to resolve the structural problems first.

Product preparation
Mix 10-15% water by weight (100-150 milliliters of water per approximately 1 liter of product). Mix into a homogeneous one.

Application method
Apply 2 or 3 coats evenly in a V shape. Paint in sections starting with the borders. For the remaining area, apply by roller. Leave 2-4 hours before appling 2nd layer. In case of not using all at once, keep the remaining product by water casting 1 inches high and seal in a bucket to avoid hardening. (check it every 3 months)

In conditions of 25°C and 60% relative humidity: 2-4 hours between layers and 24 hours drying. The total curing occurs during the first 30 days. It is recommended to avoid cleaning and/or rubbing during that time.

6-8 m2 /l (2 coats). It depends on the type and condition of the substrate. The exact consumption must be determined by the means of a sampling of the work.

Roller, brush, airless or other type of projection.

Tool cleaning
Clean tools after use with warm water.


  • The mineral substrate must be at least 28 days old.
  • The substrates to be painted must be resistant to high alkalinity.
  • Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water.
  • In case of rain, let the substrate dry for at least 48 hours before applying.


  • May be harmful to the eyes, skin, or lungs. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye/face protection.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
  • After contact with skin, wash immediately with water
  • Keep out of reach of children

Keep in sealed pack. It should be kept in a dry place and avoid too cold temperature or direct sunlight exposure. Unopened, it may be conserved for at least 1 year from the date of manufacture. In case of not using all at once, keep the remaining product by water casting 1 inches high and seal in a bucket to avoid hardening. (check it every 3 months)


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