Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch

Floor Smoothening Cement

Product features

  • For surface smoothening application on 1-2 mm thickness without crack.
  • Excellence bonding to cement substrate.
  • High abrasive resistant. Suitable for use as top coat or overlay on heavy traffic area.
  • Can use on slope area

Color : Grey powder
Packing :

20 kg/bag

 5 kg/bag

Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch, Special polymer modified cement mortar for smoothening floor surface application. Use for repairing the traffic area or any surface defects in concrete to be smooth. And use for smoothening the surface on slope area. For application on 1-2 mm thickness without crack. Excellent bonding to cement substrate. High abrasive resistant. Suitable for trafficable area such as warehouse, carpark, deck, ramp or slope area and etc. For walkable or light traffic area can open within 24 hours and within 48 hours for heavy traffic area.

Application Instruction
Substrate Preparation
The substrate must be cleaned. Free from loose particle. Dirt, dust, any oils, other impurities or foreign materials must be removed.
Mixing ratio
• Water : Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch = 1 : 2.5-3.0 by volume
• Water : Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch = 1 : 2.8-3.3 by weight or Water 6-7 liters per Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch 1 bag (20 kg.)
Mixing method
Mix Crocodile Floor Smooth Patch with water. Stir with slow speed electric mixer (< 150 rpm) till homogeneous.
Application method
Apply the mixture to the prepared substrate with trowel. Smoothen the surface to avoid micro crack. The application thickness is approximately 1 - 2 mm. Applied area could be walked or have light traffic after 24 hours and with heavy traffic after 48 hours.
Estimated Coverage
Approximately 1.5 kg powder/mm. It depends on the type and condition of the substrate. The exact consumption must be determined by means of a sampling of the work.
• Smoothening surface by polished trowel to protect micro-crack.
• In case the pinhole depth is more than 2 mm must be applied with maximum thickness of 2 mm and let dry before applying next layer until finish.
• The concrete aggregate must be removed before application.
• Do not use product on hot surface or contact to direct sunlight. The substrate needs to reduce the temperature by water spray before applying the products.
• Recommend to use rubber glove, dust masks, eye glass and personal safety equipment.
• Apply with good ventilation. Do not inhale product.
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
• Keep away from children.
• It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product’s degradation.
• Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.
Net weight : 20 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag