Crocodile Structure Repair

Structural Repair Fiber Reinforce and Sulfate Resistant Patching Mortar

Product Features

  • Resistant to the sulfate attacked and coastal environment
  • High compressive strength at 28 days more than 55 MPa
  • Contain a reinforce-fiber minimizes early cracking
  • Able to recover the damaged depth thickness at 5-50 mm
  • Excellent bonding


  • Damaged concrete structure (beams, column, retaining wall, etc.) which get deep to the rebars.
  • Concrete Structure which located near by the sea
  • Wherever the concrete structure which possible effected to the sulfate area


Net weight : 20 kg/ bag

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Crocodile Structure Repair is a fiber reinforced patching mortar with sulfate resistant property which is designed for concrete structure reparation. It provides a high bonding to concrete surface and high compressive strength more than 55 MPa. Once applied onto damaged concrete, it becomes homogeneous with the repaired surface. Able to be applied vertically and overhead by minimum thickness of 5 mm and maximum of 50 mm.

Substrate Preparation

The concrete surface must be sound and removed unsound concrete, form-oil, dust, or other surface contaminates. The surface must be damped by clean water prior to the mortar application (according to site condition). Rebar must be in good condition; rust must be removed then covering with Crocodile Repair Mortar with bonding agent to prevent further corrosion and improve adhesive performance during plastering.

Mixing Ratio

Crocodile Structure Repair 1 bag/20 kg per Clean Water of 3.20-3.60 Liters.

Product Mixing

Mix one bag of Crocodile Structure Repair (20 kg) with 3.20-3.60 Liters of clean water. Mix with low speed drill (500 rpm.) Add the recommended amount of water into the mixing-container then followed by the Crocodile Repair Mortar and continue mixing for 2-3 minutes. It is recommended to mix only amount what will be applied within the setting period (approximately 30 minutes according to the site condition). Leave the mixed product for 2 minutes then homogeneously slow mix again before applying.


Ensure that the surface was damped but not soaked. Apply the mixed-product by stainless-trowel onto the prepared surface. Force the mixed product with pressure into the crack or te spalled area. If the damage is deeper than 50 mm, recommend applying with 2 layers. Leave at least
3 days before using the area.


For maximum performance of the product, curing with water on the expose surface especially in high temperature area. It is able to use water base curing compound for large areas.


Crocodile Structure Repair 1 bag (20 kg) mixed with water is 0.011 m3


Cleaning tools with water while material is still fresh.


  • The repaired surface must be prepared under the mentioned standard and strong
  • Do not apply Crocodile Structure Repair of the surface temperatures is below 5°C
  • Do not apply over tightly finished floor without first scarifying the floor.


  • The product contains Portland cement and other admixtures which may cause skin irritation. Using rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • If contact to the eyes or face, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water, and then consult doctor immediately
  • Keep away from children