Crocodile 621 Standard Grout

Premium Hydraulic Grout

Product Benefits

  • Fill-up an eliminate concrete void.
  • Typical applications include support structural elemental.
  • Machine installation

Product Features

  • High compressive strength up to 750 ksc (at 28 days)
  • No shrinkage and no bleeding
  • Good flowability to fill narrow or intricate voids.

Application Area

  • Machine platform
  • Repairing and reinforcing concrete structure
  • Anchoring

Color : Grey


Packaging : 20 kg/bag

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Crocodile 621 Standard Grout is a ready mixed cementitious non-shrink grout which provides a high-strength, good flowability and no bleeding. Suitable for concrete structure works such as reinforcement, anchoring, bedding of machine fundamental, etc.

Application Instruction

Surface Foundation:

The substrate must be in good condition. Any incomplete concrete, dirt, form-oil, curing compound must be removed. All damage rebars must be treated and reinforced before placing (under control by professional engineer).


It requires several hours of soaking or flooding for concrete substrate. In the condition of application with high density concrete, it may require longer damp time. All free water should be carefully released with instruction. The surface must be damp but dry (Saturated Surface-Dry, SSD Condition).


All formworks should be planned and constructed to achieve the completed void fill-up. Be sure that there is enough area for continue placing and be aware of air release gap. Apply a suitable form-oil and seal all form-joints to protect the leaking.

Product Mixing

Pure Mortars:

The product should be mixed in a suitable mixer. Use a slow speed 400 - 500 rpm hand drill and paddle. In case of large work area use a high shear vane mixer. Drum mixers can't provide a sufficient result.

For reach the product capabilities, use clean water to mix with cement as recommended ratio in product technical datasheet. Continue mixing the product until it becomes homogenously, mix at least 3 minutes with consistency of mixer speed.  


In case the thickness requirement is over 70 mm, it’s able to add maximum 5 kg. of aggregate size 3/8 Inch (9 mm.) per 20 kg/bag of Crocodile 621 Standard Grout. Be sure that the aggregate must be immersed but not wet (Refer to SSD Standard for aggregate preparation. Leave the mixed product for 2 minutes before placing.

Mixing Ratio:

Crocodile 621 Standard Grout 20 kg/bag per clean water 3 – 3.5 liter (14% - 16%)

Micro-concrete mixing: Adding 25% (5 kg) of aggregate size 3/8” for micro-concrete when the depth of placement is over 70 mm.


For gaining the maximum benefits of non-shrink grout, the temperature during the placing process must concerned as an important factor to the product properties development during its setting period. At 25oC the mixed product must be placed within 20 minutes for fully expansion process. Planning of mixed product amount for continue placing until fill-up all the gap or void. Placing the mixed product on one side of the void to eliminate air or remain pre-wet water becoming trapped under the baseplate.In case of under plate grouting, if there are any bolt-pockets must be grouted in prior state then continue grouting between the substrate and the base plate. It is recommended to set the position of head placing across the shorts distance of flowing direction.


The curing process is very important for preventing cracking and development of the product to reach its compressive strength and others property.

To complete the product setting process, the exposed areas should be toughly cured. This can be done by plastic sheet the continuous application of water and/or cover with wat hessian cloth. Continue curing process until release the form. It is recommended to use Crocodile Admix Cure applied on all grouting surface for complete product curing time.


Clean all tools with water right after use.

Estimated Coverage:

Crocodile 621 Standard Grout 1,820 kg. (91 bags)/ m3 (Status: Flowable)


  • Wet curing Immediately after completion of work. Allow curing 3-7 days.
  • Do not add more water. Excess water will affect the mechanical properties such as the decreasing of compressive strength and flexural strength. But the shrinkage will increase.
  • Ensure the substrate mute be strong and firm.


  • Recommend using rubber gloves, dust masks, eye glass and personal safety equipment.
  • Apply with good ventilation. Do not inhale product.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
  • Keep away from children.


  • Store in dry and good ventilation, shaded condition. High temperatures and humidity may reduce shelf-life. Place with prevent direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life for 1 year since manufactured date.