Crocodile Epoxy Seal

Rebar Anchoring & Epoxy Mortar Adhesive

Product Features

• Non-sag product, even at high temperatures.

• Hardens without shrinkage.

• Excellent adhesion to concrete and many other materials.

• High early strength.

• High abrasion resistance.

• Solvent free.

• Can be cured under immersion.


• Thin film bonding.

• Concrete repairs.

• Blow hole filling.

• Crack and surface sealing.

• Suitable for rebar Ø 6-20 mm.

• Fix tile under water application.

Standard : ASTM C882

Color : Grey


Net weight : Set 2 kg/can, Set 1 kg/can

Crocodile Epoxy-Seal is solvent-free, 2-component bonding, repairing, rebar anchoring and crack filling epoxy mortar, based on a combination of resins and specially selected high strength fillers. Its pasty consistency allows an easy and versatile application.

Application Instruction

Substrate Preparation

  • Clean the surface to be free from dust, grease, concrete scrap or unknown matter etc.
  • Fill cracks if any on the surface with suitable repairing material. Fill wall border or joints with sealant.
  • Leave the surface dry at least 3 hours after cleaning.
  • Cement laitance must be removed by mechanical means (i.e. sand blasting Primer is not required.)

Proportion of Mixing

Mixing Part A : Part B = 2 : 1


Mix both components together for at least 2 minutes with a mixing paddle attached to a slow speed electric drill (max. 600 R.P.M.) until the material becomes smooth into consistency and an even grey colour of the mixture is obtained. The mixture should be used within 20-30 minutes.


  • When using as a thin film adhesive, apply the mixed adhesive to the surfaces with a trowel, spatula or by glove-protected hand. When applying as a repair mortar, take into account any formwork that may be required. Max thickness in one layer is 30 mm.
  • On vertical surfaces it is non-sag up to 10 mm thickness. On damp surfaces, ensure that the material is well rubbed in.


A minimum cure is obtained in 10-30 minutes, depending on ambient temperatures.

Estimated Coverage

1.5 kg / sq.m (thickness approx. 1 mm)


  • Temperature range for use : 10-40°c
  • Cement may cause injury to skin or eyes. Use of rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • If contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and then contact doctor immediately.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with thinner.


  • It should be kept in a dry place and the temperature is not too high to avoid product’s degradation.
  • Shelf life for 3 year since manufactured date.