Crocodile Grout Remover

Grout Remover

  • For removing grout with black mold or cracks
  • Easy use with comfortable handle and grip
  • Provide 3 models which match the needed.
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For the person who have the problem of cracks or black mold grout, and want to apply the new grout. You can use “Crocodile Grout Remover” to remove the grout before apply the new grout, you will save your money and time.

Grout Remover Carbide Blade model T-777
For tile joint more than 2 mm.
Imported carbide blade, hard and strong carbide chip
Best seller model which is easy to use, comfortable handle

Grout Remover Premium Grade Steel Blade model T-888
For porcelain tile joint less than 2 mm.
Premium grade steel blade which coated for purpose of grout remover
Easy use with comfortable handle and grip

Grout Remover Tungsten Carbide model T2-999
For tile joint
Imported Tungsten Carbide, very strong material for multi-purpose
Can be use both sides of tungsten carbide to remove grout

Product Instruction
Watering the area where want to remove the grout
Test quality and hardness of tiles by scraping few grout and see the result. Any tile damaged, stop and call for professional.
Remove deeply as the dept of tiles, Then clean up before applying grouting
Recommend to wear the safty equipment such as glasses and mask