Crocodile Tile Cutter (Premium-60-Plus)

Tile Cutter

Tile length: 24 inches length (61 cm)
Tile size (crosswise): 17×17 inches (43×43 cm)
For ceramic tile with thickness between 5-12 mm
Weight of machine with case: 6.2 kg
Tungsten carbide scoring wheel (8 mm) included
2 years warranty

Key Selling Point
Breaker assembly more comfortable, and movable
Side support provide good support for any tile sizes
Chrome coated bar protect stain
Adjusted guide provided to support any tile sizes
45 degree cutting is suitable



Product Instruction
1. Use tile cutter and scoring wheel that match with tiles
2. Place a tile into the machine by using the guide of the machine (remark: the guide is different by each model)
3. Make the starting point at the end of tile for 1 cm. by scoring on the beginning of the tile.
4. Press and slice the handle form the starting point to the end of tile and prevent the tile from slipping with left hand
5. How to break the tile
5.1 Little shift the tile from the top of machine to prevent tile cracking
5.2 Hold the tile by left hand on a center of cutting line to preventing tile slipping, then press a handle down to break the tile

How to maintenance the machine
1. After maintenance the machine after use with RUBI maintenance kit to clean a chromed steel guide from stain.
2. Slide the handle 2-3 times
3. Clean up with clean fabric

Product Tips
* Scoring wheel lifetime estimated 1 km or 2,000 piece of porcelain.
* Regularly check the quality of machine and scoring wheel before use.
* Spare at least 3 scoring wheels by 2 sizes
* Regularly to clean up after work

How to use