Kalgraphin Premium

Hydrated Lime Mixture for Historical Restoration

Product Features

  • Component for preparation of mortar for buildings, rehabilitation, and restoration of historic buildings.
  • Zero VOCs and without carcinogens (Formaldehyde)
  • Unique formula based on high-quality lime. It eliminates CO2 improving air quality and eco-friendliness.
  • Excellent flexibility and adhesion with graphene technology. Able to conceal hair cracks.
  • Lime base helps highly breathable on the surface. Avoids condensation.
  • Suitable for interiors and exteriors.


Pack size : 4.5 kg

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Kalgraphin Premium is a lime paste component infused with graphene technology, designed for preparing mortars used in building construction, rehabilitation, and the restoration of historic buildings.

Application Instruction
Substrate Preparation

  • The substrate must be dry, firm, well-adhered, free of any impurities, and must provide sufficient grip to ensure the adhesion of the product.

Product Preparation

  • Pour off the water from Kalgraphin Premium pack and keep it to remix the content. Use the remaining contents of the Kalgraphin Premium.
  • Mix the contents of Mortar with the remaining contents of the Kalgraphin Premium depending on the desired consistency.
  • Re-add the water from the Kalgraphin Premium pack never more than 1 liter
  • Mix with a mechanical mixer until its total homogenization and adequate consistency. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Re-stir 1 minute more before applying.

Application Method

  • Please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheets according to the type of mortar to be prepared: MortarBase Premium, MortarFine Premium, MortarSuper Premium, or Naturglue Premium.

Environmental Conditions

  • The work temperature (environment and support) must be greater than +5ºC and +30ºC. Do not apply in strong winds, rainfall, cold temperatures, and direct sunlight or on supports heated by the sun,

Additional Information     
• Do not drench the substrate before application, only lightly moisten if very dry.

  • Careful not to add too much water into the mix.
  • Do not wet new mortar to harden it; it hardens by absorbing atmospheric CO2.
  • Do not apply to surfaces in constant contact with water.
  • In case of rain, let the substrate dry before applying.
  • It is recommended to protect the treated surface from rain for at least 4 days.


  • It is recommended to wear safety equipment, such as gloves, dust masks, and safety glasses.
  • In the event of eye contact, rinse your eyes with clean water several times immediately and seek medical advice promptly.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Keep in original pack. It should be kept in a dry place and avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Unopened, it may be conserved for at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • After mixing keep the remaining mortar by water casting 1 inch high and seal in a bucket to avoid hardening. (check it every 3 months)