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Tiling innovation from Crocodile is trusted as a top seller for tile adhesive and tile grout for tiling and surface material installation. We still focus on new innovation to answer customer's needs

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  • Steps to Tile with Crocodile Products

    A typical tiling process such as wet tiling, even it was quick but often leads to more problems later such as peeling. All means loss of time and expense in repairing.

    This problems are not difficult to solve by tiling with Crocodile tile adhesives. Not only it is not complicate, but also strong and durable. The recommended tools and steps for tiling are as followed.

    Tiling Tools

    1. Tile

        There are several types of tiles to choose from such as terra cotta, ceramic, mosaic, to natural rock slab like marble. Therefore, surface type, patterns, colors, and sizes can be selected to suit the room or the area purpose and aesthetics. 

    2. Tile Adhesive

        Tile adhesive selection needs to suit type and size of tiles, and the area of application, in order to help increase adhesive power to maximum. 

    3. Cement Mixer

        This mixer is used to mix cement or adhesive with water, and meant to control mixing to be well thorough, allowing tile adhesive to mix best.

    4. Notched Trowel for Levelling Adhesive

        Notched trowel is a tool to apply and level tile adhesive to reduce working time. It is used to apply and level tile adhesive to the tiling area. The smooth side of the trowel is for applying adhesive, while the notched side is for levelling and grooving on wet adhesive before tiling.

    5. Rubber Mallet

        Rubber mallet is mainly used to tap tiles to level and even them throughout the surface.

    6. Tile Grout

        Tile grout is used to seal tile grooves after completing tiling, to prevent dirt stain and water to permeate. This permeation is a leading cause of tile peeling.

    Steps to Tile on New Surface

        After levelling and strengthening surface, and cleaning, a tiling process starts with this.

    1. Mix tile adhesive with water

        Add tile adhesive to water by the suggested ratio stated on tile adhesive package, and mix well. In case of mixing large volume, multipurpose concrete mixer is highly recommended to ensure smooth adhesive mixture ready for work. Leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes before stirring again before applying.

    2. Apply tile adhesive to the prospect area

        After mixing tile adhesive and prepare tiles, use notched trowel by its smooth side apply adhesive on the prospect surface sufficiently for each tiling, then use notched side to level and make groove on applied adhesive by tilting trowel at 60 degree angle and drag in the same direction. Choose the right size of notched trowel to match the size of tile before best efficiency and preventing the problems afterward.

    3. Tiling

        Press tiles onto applied tile adhesive lightly, adjust to the right position. For best even groove, use Crocodile Tile Levelling System to assure smooth level and Crocodile Tile Spacers to create even tile groove. When tile is in place, then use rubber mallet to tap it to the desired level.

    4. Tile Grouting

        After finishing tiling, the tiled surface needs to be left dry for 24 – 48 hours. Then the suitable Crocodile Tile Grout is then applied by mixing Crocodile Tile Grout with water according to the suggested ratio stated on the package. Then apply the well mixed Crocodile grout with rubber trowel at 45 degree angle with tile groove. Finally, use rubber trowel swipe all excess grout out of surface to clean, and leave it 72 hours before using the surface.

    5. Clean the tiled surface

        After 10 days since tiling, clean thoroughly the tiled surface with Crocodile Grout Cleaner to complete the whole process.

        For bathroom tiling, Crocodile Anti-Slip Solution can be applied for more safety by increasing friction and gripping to tile surface.

        Tiling with Crocodile Product, apart from sheer convenience, will help prevent loss and extend usage life of construction. Furthermore, Crocodile Tiling Products are available in vast variety according to types of materials and usages answering every need.